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August 3, 2017

Growing Minds...Growing Leaders!

What a fantastic start we’ve had here at Thompson Crossing! Thank you for all you have done to help us accomplish this! We have lots of information to share, and as always, we encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have.


We are very excited to introduce our newest faculty members:

Grace Stackouse - Front Office Secretary/Receptionist

Wendy Henck- Instructional Assistant

Kallie Cline - Mrs. Jennifer McBride's Maternity Substitute

Infinite Campus Information

Please see below for instructions on how to access Infinite Campus

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-Please be sure your student knows if they need to purchase breakfast. If your child is a car rider that needs breakfast, please try to be in the car line at 8:40am.

-Please be sure to label any personal items and supplies...this includes backpacks, lunchboxes, jackets, etc.

Student Pictures and Picture Make-up Day

Our Fall picture day is scheduled for August 10th and our make-up day is scheduled for September 22nd. Students will come home with order forms on Monday, August 7TH. You can order online anytime at using the picture day ID HM786026Y0.

Absences During the School Year

Students should be fever-free without the use of fever-reducing medication (i.e. Tylenol) for 24 hours before returning to school. If your child has an illness associated with vomiting and/or diarrhea, they should not return to school until 24 hours after the last episode. This helps prevent further spread of viruses and bacteria, and to promote a healthier environment for all. Our goal at Thompson Crossing is to keep kids healthy and in school. It is important for all students to adhere to our illness guidelines in order to reach this goal.

Attendance is extremely important. If your child is not in our classrooms, they cannot learn and be exposed to the same content as their teacher presents. However, everyone becomes ill at various times and we understand! If your child is going to be absent, please call our attendance line at( 317) 860-4678 by 9:15 AM. Our data clerk will check the line daily by 9:30 AM to record absences. Follow the steps below:

1. Date of phone call

2. Name of parents/ guardians

3. Name of student

4. Reason for absence

5. Number of days for the absence

If you need to leave a personal message for your child’s teacher and/or request homework, please call the teacher’s voice mail number.

Student Drop-off/Pick-up

For the safety of our students, it is important that all persons picking up or dropping off students use the proper procedures. Students may not be dropped off before 8:40 a.m. With security procedures, the front door will not be unlocked until 8:40 a.m. and students should not be allowed out of an automobile until that time. We also understand that the drop off line gets long in the morning, but please be patient and take the time necessary to make it safe for all our students, parents, and staff. When dropping off students before and after school, please use the main entrance area only. Make sure that you follow the drive through and drop off lanes. Also, make sure that students get out on the curb or left-side of the car. There is no passing in the drop off lane. Your patience is always appreciated!

Appointments/Early Dismissals

On the day of your student's appointment, it is very important that you have your student bring a note to their teacher or the office before school begins for the day. The note should state time and reason they are leaving. **Prior notification completely eliminates a classroom disruption and helps to assure that your student will be waiting in the office and ready to go when you come to sign them out. We understand that last minute things come up, but we do ask that you keep walk-up requests or last minute phone calls to a minimum. If you need to pick up your student and didn’t send in a note, please call our attendance line and leave a message with the student's name, and time of pick up. When picking up your child for appointments, please go directly to the Main Office to sign them out. When a student returns from a mid-day appointment, the parent should sign the student back in at the Main Office and turn in his/her doctor's note if they have one.

Social Media

Don't forget to like Thompson Crossing Elementary School on Facebook! Our official page profile picture is an eagle holding a lightning bolt. Information, highlights, and fun photos are shared almost daily! It's a fun way to share our day with the families of Thompson Crossing!

Home and School Connection

See What August Has On The Schedule At The Franklin Road Library

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Our School Counselor Ms. York got married over the Summer and is now Mrs. Rainey

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From Our Counselor

Thompson Crossing Elementary

Mrs. Rainey

School Counselor

I am pleased to welcome all new and returning students to the 2017-2018 school year at TC! I am eager to help you and your children have a very successful experience this year. The purpose of my comprehensive developmental guidance and counseling program is to promote and enhance the learning process by facilitating student development in three broad areas, with standards determined and defined by the Indiana Department of Education.

Ø Learning to Live (Personal/Social Development) – to understand and respect self, relate positively to others, make informed and safe decisions, cope effectively with change, and become responsible citizens.

Ø Learning to Learn (Academic Development) – to develop the skills necessary to achieve educational success, identify and work toward goals, manage information, organize time, and locate resources.

Ø Learning to Work (Career Development) – to develop the knowledge and skills to make realistic career plans and make a successful transition from school to work.

Skills in these areas are taught within an interconnected curriculum that simultaneously focuses on the development of positive character traits such as respect, responsibility, kindness, honesty, citizenship, and self-discipline.


If you have concerns about your child that you would like for the counselor to be aware of, you may briefly outline those in the space below. Return this form to your child’s teacher. If you prefer, you may also speak with Mrs. Rainey by calling the school at 860-4600 or emailing her at

Student’s Name: _________________________ Teacher: _______________

Parent’s Name: __________________________ Phone #: _______________



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Below are a few ways to give back to our school...

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Sign Up for Kroger Rewards!

  • Register your card with your Thompson Crossing after you sign up.
  • If you don't have a card, visit the customer service desk at any Kroger.
  • Click on Sign IN/Register
  • You will get an email to confirm your information
  • Enter the NPO number for TC...45454 and select the organization from the list to confirm
  • Remember purchases will not count for TC until your card is registered for the community rewards.
  • Thank you in advance for earning rewards for our school

If you signed up for this previously, it may have expired. Please check your rewards, as this needs to be updated annually.

New families to TC, did you know you can use your already existing Kroger rewards card to earn community reward points for Thompson Crossing? If you are coming to us from another school, please consider switching your community rewards toward Thompson Crossing. It is simple to sign up for this wonderful programs see below.

Spirit Wear

More Exciting Information Below...

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