Jericho Middle School Clubs


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Jericho Middle School has many after-school clubs to participate in? Joining a club is a great way to make new friends, gain self-confidence, relieve stress and learn real-world skills. Plus, the club advisors consist of one or more of our amazing teaching staff! Most clubs are scheduled to meet at 2:05 until 3:05 throughout the school week. So check out the list of clubs below!

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Brave Club

The Brave Club members participate in helping to prepare for school wide activities that go along with our anti-bullying program. We meet Mondays from 2:10 - 3:10pm in Room 223. Club members are invited to help do things such as: decorate the building, bring awareness to our school community about what we do to make our school more inclusive, help prepare for anti-bullying functions, and come up with new ideas about how Jericho Middle School can participate in fun anti-bullying activities.

Advisor: Ms. Vevante

Geography Bee Club

Geography Bee Club is held on Wednesdays from 2:10-3:10pm to help prepare Middle School students for the school-wide National Geography Bee. Students play geography games and review previous bee questions with Ms. Cantwell in room 201. Come join in the fun and "BEE HAPPY"!

Advisor: Ms. Cantwell

GSA Club

The GSA Club meets on Fridays from 2:10 pm-3:10 pm (check announcements for dates). This club is a safe-space for LGBTQ students and their allies to discuss topics related to sexual orientation and gender identity. In this club, we play games, watch videos and music videos, welcome guest speakers, and organize school-wide events such as National Coming Out Day, National Day of Silence, and Transgender Day of Remembrance. Many students say, “The GSA isn’t just a club… it’s a family!” Join us Fridays for fun activities, great conversation, and rainbow treats!

Advisor: Ms. Porter

History Research Club

History Research Club meets on Thursdays with Ms. Cantwell and Ms. Vevante to help students utilize research skills at Jericho Middle School. Students can get help with National History Day projects and other research competitions in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.

Advisors: Ms. Cantwell and Ms. Vevante

JMS L.E.A.D. Club

JMS L.E.A.D. seeks to form a coalition of students who work together to bring awareness, encourage empathy, and build understanding of the varied challenges students face across Long Island today. Students will collaborate with peers in partner schools to build connections, as well as explore challenges and opportunities to become LEADers in their respective communities.

Advisors: Ms. Breland-Henry and Mr. Kovoros

Math Counts Club

Math Counts Club is a national middle school mathematics enrichment program that builds problem-solving skills and fosters achievement through four levels of fun, in-person "bee" style contests. We will prepare to select a team of 10 who will participate in chapter level competitions.

Advisor: Ms. Mauro

Mathletes I Club

Mathletes I promotes the enthusiasm and love of mathematics by developing a strong sense of community among its members. Students work collaboratively during practice sessions to discuss math concepts and new strategies that result in the satisfaction and enjoyment in meeting math challenges. Mathletes participate in monthly Math Olympiads Competitions (Division M) from November through March. They also participate in the Math League Competition at the end of February. Club meets on Friday afternoons in room 215. Come math with us and make new friends!

Advisor: Ms. Panayiotou

Mathletes II Club

MATHLETES II is an 8th grade club that meets through March. The American Scholastic Mathematics Association (ASMA) provides intuitive students with challenging and intriguing mathematics questions to practice and an opportunity to COMPETE with other students across the country and internationally. Come and problem solve with other like-minded mathematicians!

Advisor: Ms. Eatz

Math Olympiads Club

MATH OLYMPIADS is a club devoted to math problem-solving contents and practice for 6th graders! We meet most Thursdays after school in Room 115. Check the announcements for meeting dates. The goals for our club are to stimulate enthusiasm and a love for mathematics, introduce important mathematical concepts, teach major strategies for problem solving, develop mathematical intuition and foster mathematical creativity and ingenuity! Hope to see you at the Math Olympiads Club soon!

Advisor: Ms. Lambe


What is the SADD Club? (Students Against Destructive Decisions) is a student club which will have a mixture of students from grades 6-8 and it will be facilitated by the School Social Worker, Ms. Breland-Henry.

What does the SADD Club do? SADD Club does all kinds of things: we help with the planning, promotion, and creating of posters for our “Olweus Kick-Off Event”, “Red Ribbon Week”, “Kick Butts Day”, “Mix It Up Days”, and also develop fun activities based on your ideas related to any theme focused on making good decisions. SADD club members will also help to facilitate a toy drive for the holiday season.

Why join SADD? Being a part of SADD is a fun way to help take part in planning school wide events/themes and to also use your creativity to promote a message of positivity.

SADD meets Wednesday afternoon in room 203.

Advisor: Ms. Breland-Henry

Science Competition Club

The Science Competition Club offers students the opportunity to pursue their STEM passions and interests outside of the classroom. Whether it is learning new topics like forensics, anatomy, weather, or astronomy, or figuring out how things work in building and engineering, students will gain knowledge, insight, and firsthand experience into the world of science. Competitions will occur within the club, as well as with students at other schools through Science Olympiad, a nationally recognized program. We are excited to learn and grow with all young scientists interested in attending!

Advisors: Ms. Bock and Ms. Dziura

World Language Contest Club

The World Language Contest Club will begin in January 20221. This club is an opportunity for students to work with World Language teachers to develop their language skills and knowledge of the culture of their language of study to be competitive in the National Spanish, French, and Italian exams as well as various Chinese contests. Club dates will be announced as the individual competitions near.

Advisor: Ms. Waters