Ukraine - Kaden N6

Capital:Kiev Flag Meaning: Blue=sky Yellow=wheat

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The surrounding countries are Russia, Poland and Moldova. Some major bodies of water are Kievsoye lake and Saint sophieas lake.
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Ukraine has a Unitary state.The president is Petro Poroshenko.


Ukraine has a GDP of 3,900.47 USD so they are a poor country. Ukraine uses currency called hryvnia. Th main export is semi finished iron. The main import is petroleum.The life expectancy rate is 70.94 years. The birth rate is 9.7%. The literacy rate is 99.7.%Tap water is not recommended.


They wear T shirts and shorts and they also wear traditional dresses.They speak Ukrainian. They celebrate Holy Trinity and Independence day.The majority of the population is Roman Catholic.
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The weather is warm and dry in the summer and there are very severe winters. The average yearly rainfall is 1,875 mm per year. The average yearly temp is 18 degrees Celsius. The climate does not really have an effect on the crops.


One example of the history of Ukraine that effected modern day Ukraine is when they became a independent country in 1991. Another one is when Russia made the Ukrainians slaves in WW 2 and made the Ukrainians dislike Russia.

Compare and Contrast

The U.S and Ukraine different religions but both have the highest ranking religion as the native religion. Ukrainian cloths are more expensive but they are the same brand and styles.


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