POHW Before & After Poster

By: Susanna Poulimas

1) Hollis's outlook on life

in the beginning Hollis is sad and lonely after running away from several foster homes. In the end she is happy to be part of the Reagan family.
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2) Hollis's trust in others

Hollis is constantly running away from all her foster homes. But then she meets Josie she begins to get so close she stays and doesn't run away. One reason why Hollis stay's is because she see's Josie's tree carvings she wants on for her self but Josie say's only if you stay.

I'll make one for you Josie Cahill said. We'll have to find the right piece of wood. I think there is one in the back. The shape of the head is there already, the nose sharp and the eyes......."She stopped but only if you stay Chapter 1 page 10

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3)Hollis Finally realizes she wasn't wrecking the family (making Steven and the Old Man fight)

One of the reasons Hollis ran away from the Reagan's was because she did not know what a real family was like and she did not know that a Father and son fighting was natural she believed that she was the cause of Steven and the Old Man fighting. But near the end she finally realized that it is completely normal and she had nothing to do with it.