What is the purpose of the ant?

Let's take a look at the world of ants

There are many purposes of the ant! Did you know ants help turn the soil more than earthworms? Ants are also great for moving and planting seeds. Best of all, ants eat larvae from pests, like termites and fleas! Let's explore more about the ant!

#1 Where do ants live?

Ever wonder where the ants on the sidewalk are headed? Just how can they find their way home? Ants live in colonies, these colonies are made up of intricate, interconnected corridors. Colonies usually are made up of three types of ants; the queen, the males, and the workers. Activity #1: Ants leave a pheromone trail when they leave the colony, so they can find their way home. Give children a ball of yarn, let them tie one end to the "colony" door. Then have them walk all around,leaving a trail of yarn, till they get to a food source. Next, have them rewind their yarn to find their way home. Sing " The ants go marching"

#2 How many types of ants are there in the world?

When researching this question, i found out their are over 12,000 species of ants! Yikes! That is a lot! To help children recognize the species in their area, we will play a matching game Activity #2: Have pictures of local species of ants on laminated cards. On the back there can be facts about that species. read the facts and show the picture. mix up the cards. pull them out, read facts or show pic, have the kids name the ant! For a snack after this activity, eat " ants on a log" Yum

#3 What do ants really look like?

With all the different ants out there, it would be god to be able to describe how they look.Ants are really interesting when you look up close and personal. Some may think they are creepy, like a monster from a sci fi movie,and others may think they are cool!! Activity #3: Go on an ant hunt! find ants, nicely put them in a small clear container. Use a magnifying glass to look at the ants, identify their parts(,use printable pic of ant body parts), draw a pic of what you see!!!

Why was the baby ant confused? Because all his uncles were ants!!!