Child soldiers

By: Caleb Peterson

What are they?

Child soldiers are any child under the age of 18 that is captured to fight for an individual or an army. Child soldiers are usually used in Third world countries or the middle east. Most child soldiers are male and are usually beaten and raped many times by many people who have authority over them.
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What they are used for?

Child soldiers are used for fighting for their leaders. They are also used for having more bodies on the front lines for their armies. Some child soldiers do suicide mission for their commanders. In ISIS, most children behead prisoners and do more dirty work that they are told to do by their leader. If they say no or disobey, these children will still have to do the work and after they are brutally beaten and starved.
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What we can do to prevent it?

We can put out rules against having child soldiers in armies. We can have enforcers that make sure that the people are not using children for their armies. We can start a fund to have support over in the third world countries to keep the children safe. We can also stop the militias that take the children and fight back against them to keep them away from the children. A lot of things can be done to prevent child soldiers we just have to take initiative and act on it.