A Change Up

More Places to Chill

What Will we do?

So what we are going to do over time of the next two years, we are going to build more places for kids and teens to hangout. One of the first things we are going to build is a building with a whole bunch of trampoline and aired up inflatables to jump on. This idea is good for the teens and the kids because the teens can have the trampolines to jump on. The younger kids can go jump on the inflatables and run through the obstacle course. One other thing we are going to add in Hesston, is a big facility with a pole table, air hockey, a table with cards, a couple computers to play on, and a snack bar. There will be an adult watching over the place at all times. One of the final things we are going to do is a cleanup of the town, and upgrade some of the things such as the swimming pool, the parks, and add a public basketball course.
We are doing this because we want to make a community for all ages. We need the kids and teens a place to hangout after school, or in the summer. This will allow them to get out of the house and go hangout with friends.