Nagle Interview

by Alisha Nandan

Although Ashreeta Prasad has only been a member of the Nagle community for a short amount of time, she has become used to being a student at the school. When I talked to her, it became apparent that she is proud to be a member of the school community.

You were born in Fiji. What was it like living in Fiji?

Oh, it was amazing. It was quite open and we had a big house so we ran around like crazy.

I really liked going to my dads mums house because they lived in an village area so they had a lot of animals and things to do. I had lots of cousins and to be honest, those cousins were like my first best friends.

Why did you move to Australia?

The main reason why we moved to Australia was because my brother was very sick... the doctors in Fiji weren't capable of handling his operation. The other reason was because my parents liked it here.

What was your first impression of Australia?

Well, my first impression was that it was really clean. I loved how the environment was formal, if that's how you'd say it. Fiji was a very relaxed place compared to Australia. It looked exciting and adventurous.

You went to Walters Road Public School and then to Evans High School. What was that like?

Walters Road was really, really different. At first, it was hard to adapt to their expectations and the environment. I didn't expect it to be how it was. Evans, on the other hand (not to say anything bad about it) wasn't an environment I would like to be in.

Why did you move to Nagle?

Well firstly, I thought the education was great and the expectations were very high. I think Nagle helps you be prepared for life after school with all the homework and assessments we get. I think its showing us that life will be hard and we need to work hard to achieve things.

What dId you think of Nagle?

There were a lot of friendly people who would talk to you and give you help when you needed it. I was nervous because I was worrying if I would fit in or if the teachers would like me. Nagle is pretty good though... I love Nagle.

Any funny stories about Nagle so far?

There are a few funny stories...the teacher's are funny. This teacher and her fear of spiders is pretty out there. She was doing something with her clothes and she found a spider. She started screaming "Help!" She just screamed and screamed until somebody came and rescued her.

What's your favourite class?

Favourite class! This is the best thing to talk about. Hmm, lets see... Science. Maths and Science are amazing. I could talk about them all day!

You have an older sister that also goes to Nagle. Is that a good or bad thing?

Well, she keeps an eye on me and she pretty much knows everything I do at Nagle. It can be a bad thing because if you're trying to hide a bad result or something, she will obviously know. The good thing though is that I can learn stuff of her.

What are your plans/hopes for the future?

Oh yeah that... I plan to be a dentist maybe? I have a feeling that I'll be a dentist because its fun to scare people. I'll call in my friends and scare them.

And do you have any advice to anyone moving to Nagle?

Yes. Move to Nagle, unless they're someone I don't like... Nah, I'm kidding. Move to Nagle if you have an interest in education. Nagle is really cool.