Mrs. Spetrino's Art Studio News

Sterling Morton Elementary May 7, 2018

Thank you!

I hope you had the opportunity to come to our All School ART Show a couple weeks ago. It was a huge success and I was thrilled to see so many families in attendance to support our students. A special thank you for your generosity in purchasing so many framed works of art for our fundraiser. I received a lot of good feedback on the presentation of the work and the convenience of taking it home already framed. Artwork that was not purchased will be coming home soon along with those special orders from the show. Thanks again!

Mrs. Jacqui Spetrino

Here's what's happening...

Since we only meet once a week, we are down to our last couple Art classes of the year. We will be spending these last days updating Artsonia by adding artist statement and reflecting on our learning. All artwork will be coming home next week if you have not gotten all of it already. Thank you so much for sharing your children with me this year. Although I am looking forward to summer break, I will be ready and eager to see them again in August.


In kindergarten, we have been learning how to use the Drawing Desk App on our iPads. Students have been creating self-portraits and adding them to Artsonia.

First Grade

In first grade, we have been learning how to use the Drawing Desk App on our iPads. Students have been creating self-portraits and adding them to Artsonia. We also are finishing up our clay projects.

Second Grade

In second grade we are finishing up our clay projects and learning how to use the Drawing Desk App on our iPads. We created self-portraits and will be posting everything on Artsonia.

Third Grade

We are finishing up our last projects and using Artsonia to reflect on our learning.

Fourth Grade

We are finishing up our clay projects and doing some fun exercises in our sketchbooks.

Fifth Grade

Our fifth graders have been playing with the ArtLens app on our iPads. We are using this app to prepare for our field trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art. Our trip is on May 18th. We are looking forward to it! Your child's digital art portfolio

I will be posting student work in his/her digital portfolio this year. If you do not know what Artsonia is yet please email me and I will make sure you get set up properly.

Students in grades 2-5 will be using Artsonia in class to submit artwork and write reflections on it. If you have not given permission through the link in the email, your child cannot participate. Please do so as soon as possible. *I sent slips home to all students that are missing parent permission.

Here is a link to our school's Artsonia site

Ohio School Board Association's Capital Conference

On November 14th, Mrs. Spetrino & Mr. Weingart took students to the Ohio School Board Associations Capital Conference in Columbus, Ohio. They participated in the Student Achievement Fair and showcased some of the cool technology they use during Art and Physical Education. Mrs. Spetrino's booth highlighted Augmented Reality by making student's artwork come to life, and Mr. Wiengart's booth featured an Interactive Health Lesson with the Virtuali-Tee. Both programs earned Achievement awards at the conference.


In art class, I am using Mona Lisa as a teaching tool to get students quiet and ready to learn. Try it at home, and see if they can strike a pose! :)

Grading Scale for student artwork

Elementary Art students’ assessment is based on the following:

  • Knowledge and use of art concepts including the elements of art and principles of design

  • Craftsmanship (control of tools and materials)

  • Creative Expression (The ability to use memory and imagination for visual expression)

  • Demonstrates and understanding of artistic concepts

  • Demonstrates artistic techniques appropriate to grade level

O Outstanding 9.5-10 pts. out of 10

The student:

  • Applies elements and principles of design in a highly effective manner.

  • Shows superb craftsmanship

  • Demonstrates a high level or creativity and originality

  • Uses previous knowledge towards new lessons

  • Demonstrates ability beyond grade level

S+ Above Average 8-9.4 pts. out of 10

The student:

  • Shows some awareness of applying elements and principles of design

  • Shows an effective level of craftsmanship

  • Demonstrates creativity

  • Makes connections to prior learning

  • Demonstrates above grade level ability

S Satisfactory 7-7.9 pts. out of 10

The student:

  • Demonstrates an average understanding in the application of the elements and principles of design

  • Shows an adequate level of craftsmanship

  • Demonstrates some creativity

  • Begins to make connections to previous knowledge

  • Demonstrates grade level ability

S- Below Average 6-6.9 pts. out of 10

The student:

  • Demonstrates less than grade level understanding of the elements and principles of design.

  • Shows limited craftsmanship

  • Shows a low level of creativity

  • Has difficulty in making connections to previous knowledge

  • Demonstrates below grade level ability

NI Needs Improvement 5.9 or less out of 10

The student:

  • Has not adequately completed art work

  • Needs improvement in skill and technique application

Click on the link below to view our curriculum

Jacqui Spetrino

I am excited to begin my thirteenth year of teaching in Mentor, where I serve as department coordinator for the district's Elementary Art Department.

I pride myself in creating a classroom community where every student feels safe, welcomed and relaxed. My art studio is a place where we nurture each other's creative processes and students confidently learn to take risks while developing a sense of pride in their artwork. Students will have the opportunity to work with many different mediums and styles of art. My curriculum includes all of the Ohio Visual Arts standards while focusing on the common core discovery style of learning and many 21st century skills.

Please feel free to call or email me anytime with your concerns or comments. I want every student to love coming to my class.