English and Russian cinematographs


"The cinema is a huge book that shows us secret sides of our souls".

Сinematography history


What may influence modern teenagers? These are books, magazines, the Internet and films. Action movies, detective stories, horror films affect our mind invisibly. We try to be like brave and intelligent heroes and attempt to be different from angry and nasty characters. But who makes the films? Does the popularity of movies depend on a film makers? Do any other facts affect?

The aim of work:

a) a research of the history of English and Russian cinematographs;

b) comparison of English and Russian cinematographs;

c) finding out what way foreign and national cinematographs affect teenagers at the age from 11 to 16?

The main tasks:

· to compare historical developments of cinematographs;

· to conduct an electronic survey to know what cinematograph is the most famous.

Methods of research:

1. review of information;

2. survey.

The project work consists of:

1. The theory

1.1. History of English cinema

1.2. History of Russian cinema

2. The practice

2.1.Comparison of English and Russian cinematographs

2.2. A survey

3. Conclusion

The list of references

We presented our project at school conference "Science Festival".

Extra materials:

Top list - 2015

1. Kingsman: The Secret Service, 2015, the UK (Kingsman: Секретная служба)

2. The fight for Sevastopol, 2015, Russia (Битва за Севастополь)

3. Far from the Madding Crowd, 2015, the UK (Вдали от обезумевшей толпы)

4. Battalion, 2015, Russia (Батальонъ)

5. Minions, 2015, the USA (Миньоны)

6. He is a dragon, 2015, Russia (Он – дракон)

7. Child 44, 2015, the UK (Номер 44)

8. Cinderella, 2015, the USA (Золушка)

9. Lucky horoscope, 2015, Russia (Гороскоп на удачу)

10. The Queen of Spades: Dark rite, 2015, Russia (Пиковая дама: Черный обряд)