GCS iPad

Learning how to use the tool well.

Google Apps for Education

We are a Google Apps for Education school. That's nothing new. We've been a Google Apps for Education school for over 10 years.

Being a Google Apps for Education to you means that your school email is a Gmail account. The biggest thing this means to you is that you have your own Google Drive with UNLIMITED storage.

UNLIMITED storage in terms of space is HUGE, and by huge, I mean gargantuan. According to Google, you can upload ANY file type to store in Google Drive.

Google Docs

You should not have any Microsoft apps on your school iPad because we installed all the Google apps. Life will be easier for you if you will use Google Docs for word processing, Google Slides for presentations, and Google Sheets for spreadsheets.

Google Template Gallery - bit.ly/gtemplategallery

In the Google Template Gallery, there are templates for MLA format and MLA works cited pages.

It is absolutely impossible to type a paper in MLA format from Notability, and yet, I see students typing papers in Notability almost daily.

Change your habit!

  1. Go to the Google Template Gallery. You can only download templates on a computer.
  2. Save a template to your Google Drive.
  3. Make several copies of the template.
  4. Make the copies available offline, so that you can use them even when you don't have WIFI.

Google Template Gallery

Christina Jontra

Director of Digital Learning

Grace Community School