The Life of King David

960 BC

David's Birth and Anointment

Around 1040 BC David was born. He was the son of the King of Israel, Jesse. He had a miraculous beginning to his life. Around the age of fifteen or so, David was chosen by the Lord to be the next King of Israel. At the time the King of Israel was King Saul.

David versus Goliath

David had been helping his father tend the sheep, while his older brothers were on the battle lines fighting for Israel against the Philistines. The Philistines had a giant named Goliath of Gath. He stood nearly nine feet and nine inches tall. David was sent by his father to go check on his brothers, when he heard about the rewards for killing the giant. He was then called on by the King to come visit him. The King gave him a coat of armor and a bronze helmet. David took them off because he wasn't used to them. He instead took his sling and five smooth stones from the creek and went to the battle grounds. Goliath and David drew closer to one another as they did that Goliath was cursing David. David took one stone out of his bag and slung it at the giant, it struck the giant in the forehead and sank in and killed him. As a celebration, David took Goliath's sword and cut Goliath's head off with it.
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David and Bathsheba

While all the kings and armies were at war, David was at his palace; where one evening he saw a beautiful woman bathing from his rooftop. He then sent messengers out to go find out who this lady was; he found out it was the wife of Uriah the Hittite, Bathsheba. He then sent messengers back to her in order to have her come sleep with David. After finding out Bathsheba was pregnant, David sent word to Joab to to have Uriah the Hittite to come to him. David told him to go home and rest and get a good meal before going back to war the next day. Uriah the Hittite didn't go home that night because he thought it was unfair if he did that, and all the other army was sleeping outside without a good meal. David gave him one more chance to go home that night, but the next morning he found out that Uriah the Hittite had slept outside his palace again. So David sent a letter to Joab back with Uriah the Hittite, that told Joab to put Uriah the Hittite in the front lines where the fighting is fiercest in order to have him killed. David's plan succeeded, which led to him marrying Bathsheba and she bored him a son. God was displeased with David's actions so he struck David's son with sickness which killed him seven days later. Bathsheba then later gave birth to another son named Solomon,which the Lord loved so much.

David's Death and Solomon Taking Over the Throne

David said to Solomon "I am about to go the way of all the earth. So be strong, act like a man and observe what the Lord your God requires." 1 Kings 2:2-3

David was buried in the City of David. He was in control of Israel for forty years, over Jerusalem for thirty-three years, and over Hebron for several years. When David died Solomon sat on his father's thone and his rule over the kingdom was established.

King Solomon

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