4th Grade Math & Science

Martellaro & Grobe

Math Happennings


Our first CML meet will be on Nov. 18th. THe kids have been working really hard trying to solve these problems! I am really excited to see the results!


This week we continued working on division. We are learning it a little differently than we were taught in school. We are relating division to multiplication by taking out groups of the divisor.

Fact Fluency

This week we will be learning many strategies to solve for the nine times table.

Please encourage your students to study their facts for 10-15 minutes a day!!

In case you missed this previously:

Here are some ideas to practice facts at home:

-Have your student make a set of flash cards using note cards or construction paper.

-Quiz them in the car (or during any down time) over random facts from 0-12

-If you have a deck of playing cards at home ask your student to show you how to play "Spiral Multiplication." It's really fun!

Prefer to use technology? There are also a lot of great apps and games on the computer to help with facts too!

Try some of these:

-Hooda Math Flash Cards (app), they also have a lot of online games.

-Big Brainz- a virtual computer game game (costs money for the full version, but there is a free trial) It also has addition and subtraction in bets right now if you have younger kiddos

-Know Your Math Facts App- free on iTunes


-Rocket Math- $.99 on itunes

-Multiplication Training- free on itunes

-Times Table Quiz- free on itunes

-Sushi Monster- free on iTunes

And I'm sure there are tons more! Let me know if you find any good ones that I can use in the classroom and I will let you know if I find some good apps or computer games:)

Science Happenings

This week we discussed life cycles of insects and compared them to the life cycle of a lima bean. We alos discussed habitat components.

*This week we will have our Science District Assessment on Tuesday. I will be sending home a study guide for them to review over the weekend and Monday night. Please make sure your student gets enough sleep the night before the test and a good breakfast the day of.

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