Knight Notes

September 12, 2015

Happy Tuesday to You!

Good Morning--

I hope you had a wonderful three-day weekend. I know I enjoyed the extra day off for sure. it was wonderful to get an opportunity to be outside and to enjoy some time with my family. I hope you feel the same.

I am confident this will be another fantastic week at FHN!


5 Quick Facts About a Colleague!

Mike Parker-Social Studies

  1. I have a son, Stratton, in college at the University of Colorado-Boulder.
  2. I love to travel as often as possible. I think I have been to about 23 countries so far.
  3. If I was not a teacher I would love to be a house flipper or own a winery in Oregon or Northern California (I LOVE WINE)!!
  4. I have a brand new Golden Retriever puppy named Sawyer.
  5. I also love to cook!

Up next...Charles Lott Jr!

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  • Great student attendance at home events.
  • The football team selected Mrs. Yuede and Mr. Watson as teachers of the week and they were honored at the game on Friday.


KNIGHTS @ 90: In the month of August, FHN had 95% of students present 90% of the time.

Understanding 90/90: In order for a student to be present for 90% on a semester, they can only be absent 8 days during that time. This is less than 2 days per month.

The Attendance Committee held its first meeting on Thurs Sept 3rd. Their next meeting will be Thurs. Oct 8th. All are welcome to join.


So far, FHN has seen a 39% reduction in overall infractions and a 66% reduction in truancies.


PLC Update:

Please remember that your PLC documents need to be submitted to your supervising administrator by the end of the week. This includes Building the Foundation, What Students Need to Know for QTR 1 and your SMART goal worksheet. Remember when looking at what students need to know for QTR 1 that you are identifying and continuing to have conversations around the extension and intervention piece and how you can do this in your classroom. If you have questions please contact your supervising administrator or Katie Greer.

Classroom goal setting:

Please remember to utilize classroom goal setting with a minimum of 1 class. If you need more information please refer to Schoology (access code: M92JC-2ZFHW ) or contact Katie Greer. I have heard some great ways to utilize goal setting: one way is with a unit pre-test and then setting a goal for the post-test with that unit. Utilizing your PLC's is a great way to discuss how your colleagues are putting student goal setting to work.


Our next staff chats will September 17, 2015. More information will be forthcoming.

Committee Updates

Attendance Committee

Meeting one was a success:

  • We had six attendees, we will be meeting the 2nd Thurs of each month
  • All members are going to reach out to some students to gain their participation for next month
  • Each member is brainstorming new ways to get the word out to students, parents, and teachers about 90/90 and the importance of attendance
  • We developed a new list of ideas for extrinsic incentives for attendance and discussed methods/ideas to build an intrinsically motivated environment

Technology Committee

Tech Committee met this week. We examined ways to communicate quick tips for using a variety of technology. Some resources can be found on the tech blog: Check out a short and insightful video on the power of technology:


If you are currently using Google Classroom, please send an email to Dr. Birch letting him know. Also, if you have a great tech idea or article to share send it to Dr. Birch and we can post it on the FHN Tech Blog.

I wanted you to be aware that if a student needs to use a computer after school and does not have access at home, they can check out a computer and a hotspot from the library (They just have to have their parents sign a permission form).

Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, Sep. 9th, 2:30-3:30pm


Please remember if you cannot attend that you need to notify Andy Downs

Practice ACT

Thursday, Sep. 10th, 7:30am

Large and Small Gym


Thursday, September 10, 2015

The ACT test will be administered to all sophomores in both gyms on Thursday, Sept. 10. Below is the schedule for the day. (Sophomore homeroom teachers will take attendance in their homerooms before escorting their students to the gyms—there will be designated areas for each homeroom) The schedule below will be followed on Thursday, September 10: Homeroom, 1st, 2nd and 3rd hours Regular hours will begin 4th hour (10:07a.m.). Note: there is a 4th lunch for sophomores only.

HR 7:20-7:35

1st 7:40 – 8:18

2nd 8:23– 9:15

3rd 9:20 – 10:07

4AB 10:12 – 11:04 LUNCHES

4BC 10:37 – 11:29 4A 10:07 – 10:32

4C5A 11:09 – 12:01 4C 11:04 – 11:29

5AB 11:34 – 12:26 5B 12:01 – 12:26

6th 12:31 – 1:23 Sophomore Only Lunch 12:31-12:56

7th 1:28 – 2:20

An announcement will be made when sophomores should be returning to their 6th hour class.

Questions should be directed to Chris Birch.

PD Committee Meeting

Wednesday, Sep. 16th, 2:30-3:30pm

Learning Commons

PLC Leader Meeting

Thursday, Sep. 17th, 2:30-3:30pm

Learning Commons