Life As We Knew It

Final Project By: Vincent Brunory


Miranda- Miranda is the high school age girl who is keeping the diary. She became much more responsible after her mother, Laura, got hurt and sick.

Laura- Laura is the mother of three and head of the household. In the middle of the novel she sprains her ankle and can't walk. Later on she gets sick and almost dies.

Jonny- Jonny is the youngest of three and who they assume will live if no one else does. In the summer he goes to a baseball camp for a week, and while he is there everyone else is eating less. His family tries to give him more food than the rest because he is the youngest.

Matt- Matt is the oldest child of Laura and is in college. Throughout the story it seems like he is chopping wood all the way up until he gets the flu with everyone else in his family, other than Miranda. Then he makes it his mission to climb the stairs.

Peter- Peter is not direct family with the rest of them. He is Laura's boyfriend. Peter is a doctor at the nearby hospital. This proved to be handy when Laura sprained he ankle, and when they had the flu.


The novel takes place in a small town in north east Pennsylvania, mostly at the Evan's home. Mr.Evans lives in Springfield Pennsylvania with his new wife, but decide to move south with his wife's parents. This town is not to heavily populated or near a city.

Plot Summary

This book takes place in a small town in Pennsylvania. When one night an asteroid hits the moon. The moon came a lot closer to earth, and thats when things started to change. Massive floods hit the coastal cities, volcanoes started to erupt, and people lost electricity and gas. This is the story of how one family survived this apocolypse. This family's lifeline was a wood stove they had in the sunroom. They used this to cook, boil water to clean with, and to keep warm. They made it through the apocalypse with all of their food. When Mrs.Nesbitt died, Miranda took all of her food. When Mr.Evans moves south he gave the rest of his family a lot of his food.


Survival- The whole book is about surviving the apocolypse

Bravery- Miranda had to be brave to go into town, or take care of the family when they are sick.

Family- The entirety of the novel is spent with the same few people. These people bonded and shared great connections.

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