Human body system

Functions of the INS systems by Nishika Solomon

Integumentary system

The functions of the integumentary system are :

-It helps maintain homeostasis... So basically the integumentary system maintain and take cares of the homeostasis..

-It removes substances from your body.. It also helps clean your body by removing things from the inside...

-It maintains the tempreture

-It also protects from the outside of the skin ...

Nervous system

The nervous system consists of the brain, the spinal cord, Nerves and the sensory organs...

The functions of the nervous system-

-receives and process the nerves

-Carrys it to the glands

So basically when it receives the nerves it processes it and sends it to the glands..

3 major functions:

-Sensory- it bascically monitors internal and external environment through the presence of recepters..

-Integration-It's the interpretation of sensory information..

-Motor-Responses to the information proccesed through the stimmulators of effecters

Skeletal system

The skeletal system consists of all the bones,muscles and the skeletal..

The functions of a skeletal system-

-Support:It supports your shape for your body and muscles

-Movement:It helps move yor joints and muscles

-Protection:It protects all the inner organs

-Hemopoiesis:The bone marrow make the blood

-Storage:Bones store minerals like calcium and phosphorus

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