Disneyland was an amusement park that was created in July on 1955, located in California. With access to cars, affordable gas and new highways, it allowed Americans to get on the road and drive. This amusement park was considered a family vacation and was a fun place visit. As a result, it attracted three million visitors throughout the next year and is still open to this day and continues on growing. Disneyland had brought many visitors to California and expanded the wonders of fun and expanded more amusement parks throughout the United States.


The period of rapid expansion was know as the "golden age" for the television. It had spread throughout the United states in 1951. At the beginning of 1949, broadcasts were in black and white and were only able to reach the East Coast and offered only two hours of programs per week. But when the microwave relays were invented. It was found that they would also transmit television waved over long distances which sent the television industry soaring providing entertainment for every American's family. The entertainment in the 1950's meant comedy which gave birth to many shows such as I Love Lucy.
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