Equity Matters

April/May 2023


LDSB aims to cultivate spaces where everyone sees themselves. Equitable practices grounded in inclusion and diversity are the essential bricks and mortar necessary to build that solid sense of belonging.

In Limestone, some staff, students, and families have indicated that they feel "seen", but through an "othering lens", with only one part of their unique, complex identity brought to the forefront of who they are, at particular times, for particular reasons.

By focusing on self-reflection, site reflection, and community interactions, there is hope that everyone will not only see themselves in Limestone but feel like a valued member of the Limestone community, as their own authentic self!

Using guiding questions as the roots of this growth, we will explore some collaborative opportunities to cultivate mutually shared and respected spaces, where all identities thrive with pride!

Belonging, A Critical Piece of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Carin Taylor | TEDxSonomaCounty
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Recognizing that equity work is everyone's work, here are some reflection questions to plant some seeds:

How does your own intersectional identity, shape your bias, and impact your interactions within shared spaces?
  • Are there experiences (i.e. holidays/events) that you centre more in your work than others?
  • Are there perspectives/experiences that you need to learn more about, as you work to ensure everyone's whole selves are appreciated and incorporated into mutually shared environments?

2. How are you recognizing and dismantling current power imbalances, while working towards equitable outcomes?

  • Whose voices are present in these conversations? Whose voices are absent?
  • How are you honouring the emotional labour involved in equity actions?
  • How are allies involved in sharing workload?

3. How are you cultivating spaces valuing and upholding human rights?

  • Are acts of harassment & discrimination interrupted and challenged, when they occur?
  • Does the follow-up circle back, checking in on the well-being of those impacted?

4. How are you bringing people together in shared spaces?

  • What can you do to build authentic relationships with the community you work with?
  • How can site interactions purposefully work to deepen understanding of community identities and experiences?
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Please join us for the upcoming affinity group social!

Any LDSB staff member who identifies as a member of one or more of the following communities is invited to join the LDSB Staff Affinity Network

We recognize that LDSB structures and policies situate and affect groups differently. We acknowledge the need to facilitate the provision of a space that honours the specific needs of different groups. As such, staff members belonging to these networks will be meeting without interference from non-members.

Here are the current networks:

  • Black, Indigenous, and Racialized Staff Network
  • 2SLGBTQ+ Staff Network
  • People Living with Disabilities Staff Network
  • Faith-Based Staff Network

The goals of these networks are:

  • To provide input in determining priorities and strategies supporting staff, students, and communities with Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Indigeneity actions;
  • To build a stronger staff cross-board connectedness and sense of belonging;
  • To amplify voices addressing current issues and needs in the system;
  • To provide informed advice, and guidance on current LDSB processes, policies, and procedures.

Please complete the following registration form so we can add you to our current mailing list for upcoming meetings:


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Here is a collection of resources and events to celebrate Limestone PRIDE!

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Letters of Remembrance for #OurLondonfamily

The LDSB community is invited to participate in writing Letters of Remembrance for #OurLondonfamily for the 2nd anniversary of the London Terror Attack. Last year, students in Canada—both elementary and secondary—participated in writing meaningful letters on islamophobia.io, a digital space that fosters understanding with the public of Muslim communities.

Please try to submit letters by the first week of June. Read the #OurLondonFamily educators page for more tips. islamophobia.io is an official community resource recognized by the City of London.

Letters will be read publicly, countering Islamophobia, racism, and religious discrimination.

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When discriminatory words and acts occur, it is essential that those impacted feel supported, not only in the moment, but from then onward!

We have a collective responsibility to mitigate further harm from happening!

1. When discrimination occurs, interrupt it and address it. Name what was said or done in the space it occurred, by being factual and specific (i.e. "What you said/did was...").

2. Use the human rights incidents & complaints tools to ensure a fulsome follow-up occurs, preventing incidents from continuing.

3. Centre those impacted in the follow-up, ensuring they are comfortable with the next steps. Circle back, and check in on them, providing support and updates as needed.

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Here are some tools to help protect ourselves and each other

Every employee has access to CCDI's Knowledge Repository!

It houses an entire database of resources gathered from thought leaders and experts across a range of DEI subject areas and resources created by CCDI. The repository is continuously updated with new resources! Here is an example of what you will find: Calling in and Calling Out Guide


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About Us:

The LDSB Equity team is excited to continue working with both staff and students, providing resources and spaces that foster a strong sense of belonging, so everyone can see themselves in Limestone!

Please do not hesitate to contact us; we look forward to working with you!

Andrea Barrow

7-12 Equity & Inclusion Consultant

613-544-6925 ext.213

Rachael McDonald
K-8 Equity & Inclusion Consultant

613-544-6925 ext. 213

Yusuf Abdulkareem

Human Rights & Equity Officer

613-544-6925 ext.256