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The Leopard- January 15th

Are you ready to TACKLE the CHALLENGE?

3 Focuses for High Reliability

Bright Spots

Tamara Pierce: Tackle the Challenge Bright Spot for applying and winning a grant for SCIS, but also asking for individual needs of teachers on which to use the grant money best in our classrooms. Teachers requested stability balls- This week Tamara hand pumped each ball up (which was quite the workout!) and delivered them. The kids are loving them!!!

Teri Duncan: Tackle the Challenge Bright Spot for doing all the detailed work behind the scenes to ensure that the awards went off as smooth as glass. We are so very thankful to have you at SCIS!!! Our students, staff, and parents love you!

If you know a staff member who should be considered for a Bright Spot in Technology Integration, Flexibility, Student Engagement, Tackling the Challenge or Cognitive Demand, Communication, Formative Assessment, or Grow Each Child send Ms. Peschke their name, the category, and why you are nominating them.


In spring, as we continue to focus down on intervention and increasing cognitive demand, some of our students will develop new behaviors that we need to correct. If you are struggling with students or their behavior, please reach out to your team leader, Lara, Kelly, or Ray for help. Please don't allow one student to derail your class. We can help you by putting structures in place in a proactive way to ensure that spring behaviors are addressed and planned for.

Please let us know if you need help!! We are here to support you.

Voting for Staff Professional Learning format

After hearing from staff during the meeting, the vote is in 58% want to move to a new model.

We will be moving to a shortened professional learning meeting after school (3:15-4:15) and a teacher lead Lunch-N_Learn. We will get these on the master calendar asap.

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Project WarmUS

STUCO and PTA kicks off Project WarmUS on Tuesday
- In an effort to continue our focus on leadership and gratitude, we are collecting warm clothing for the homeless in Texas. Students should bring items to their homeroom teacher. Mr. Winkler will be buying pizza for the winning homeroom per grade level. We start on Jan 19th and finish our drive January 29th

We need coats, socks, hats, gloves, scarves, blankets and shoes!!

  • Can you take hats, gloves and scarves? Yes! We will take them to the homeless and they will count toward our goal! The homeless need these items as much as the coats and blankets we originally started with. Knit hats only, please.

    Do you take other items? Athletic shoes and socks. Other than that, if you have any items you think we could place, shoot us an email. We got several industrial coffee makers last year that we were able to place. This is not our main focus, but we're happy to try and help if we can.GIVE ONLINE

    Is this program only in North Texas? Mostly, although we have added other areas that are interested in collecting for their area. You can ship a donation box to any of the drop points. If you would like to start this in your area, please contact us. We will gladly share our marketing materials and will add you to our website.

    Can you take used stuff? What condition? Yes, we can take gently used items. The whole point of these is for warmth. If it's a small hole or a broken button, that's not an issue. Please make sure donated items are clean, as most of these recipients don't have access to laundry facilities.

    Do the items need to be clean? This may sound like a crazy question, but yes, it's extremely helpful to have clean items. Homeless people rarely have access to laundry facilities.

    Does a jacket count? Yes. Jackets, heavy sweatshirts and very heavy sweaters are fine. People can layer these and they do count toward our total.

    Do sheets count as blankets? No, as they provide no warmth, but we will place them if we get them in.

    Do you need kids blankets and kids coats? We do need mostly adult items, however we can take kids items. They will be distributed through Denton County Friends of the Family, Mission Arlington and Casa Hogar Elim orphanage (Nuevo Laredo, Mexico). We really do need a lot of adult sizes though, so please think about giving those coats you just don't wear anymore.

  • Nuts and Bolts


    (See SCIS master academic calendar here)

    Do you have duty this week?

    See SCIS duty schedule here)


    Monday, January 18th

    MLK Day- No School. PD Make up for those who missed a day of L@L

    Tuesday, January 19th

    5th GT ELAR Elem of Drama Exam

    Health and Wellness/PST committee 3:15-4:00

    Wednesday, January 20th

    Susan Powell B-Day

    6GT LAVA 3.1

    Staff Meeting-Vertical 3:5-4:30

    LISD Board Mtg 7:00pm

    Thursday, January 21st

    Friday, January 22nd

    Legacy read kick off In class

    A Team 8:30-10

    6th Math short Assessment

    End of the Progress Report period.

    E Payne B-Day on Saturday, January 23rd

    Brooke Grall B-Day on Sunday, January 24th


    Monday, January 25th

    **GRADES ARE DUE** Monday morning 7:45 a.m.

    Health and Wellness/PST committee 3:15-4:00

    Tuesday, January 26th

    Kelly visit 5th grade for registration info

    SC/WS Choir Solo Contest

    Technology Think Tank

    Progress Reports Home

    6th ELAR STORYTELLER in lib all day

    Legacy Leaders Leadership Pilot- 6:00-7:30 p.m. in Cafeteria

    Wednesday, January 27th

    Kelly visit 5th grade for registration info

    5th math unit 7
    Staff Meeting-ILT

    6th Earth Science Exam

    Thursday, January 28th

    Kelly visit 5th grade for registration info. (makeups)

    Book signing at 6:00-7:00

    5th legacy author visit

    6th Earth Science Exam

    Friday, January 30th

    5th grade fine arts showcase WSMS

    A Team 8:30-10

    6th Math short Assessment


    ** = Action Items **

    5 Traits of A High Reliability Organization (HRO)

    Re-Print from our Professional Learning Meeting

    A High Reliability Organization (HRO) is one that has been successful in avoiding disasters despite being in a high risk field where accidents can be expected due to complexity. Specific examples that have been studied, most famously by researchers Karl Weick and Kathleen Sutcliffe, include nuclear power plants, air traffic control systems and naval aircraft carriers. Recently healthcare organizations have moved to adopt the HRO mindset as well. When something terrible happens within an HRO, the public’s initial response may be shock and anger, but often an insightful observer will point out that it is actually amazing that these types of organizations are able to succeed with any regularity at all (or not fail more often).

    In an effort to find out just how they do it, the researchers uncovered five elements that HROs have in common. These traits are essential for avoiding significant failure or catastrophic events despite operating in a hazardous environment where lives are at stake.

    #1 Preoccupation with Failure

    HROs do not ignore any failure, no matter how small, because any deviation from the expected result can snowball into tragedy. It is necessary, therefore for HROs to address any level of technical, human or process failure immediately and completely.It's also important to be somewhat fixated on how things could fail, even if they have not.

    #2 Reluctance to Simplify

    High Reliability Organizations are complex by definition and they accept and embrace that complexity. HROs do not explain away problems, instead they conduct root cause analysis and reject simple diagnoses.

    #3 Sensitivity to Operations

    HROs understand that the best picture of the current situation, especially an unexpected one, comes from the front line. Because front line employees are closer to the work than executive leadership, they are better positioned to recognize failure and identify opportunities for improvement.

    #4 Commitment to Resilience

    Resilience in HROs means the ability to anticipate trouble spots and improvise when the unexpected occurs. The organization must be able to identify errors for correction while at the same time innovating solutions within a dynamic environment.

    #5 Deference to Expertise

    Expertise, rather than authority, takes precedence in an HRO. When conditions are high-risk and circumstances change rapidly, on-the-ground subject matter experts are essential for urgent situational assessment and response.

    These five principles form the foundation for the continuous improvement mindset of High Reliability Organizations. Even if your business doesn’t deal in life and death affairs, there are lessons to be learned from those that do. It might make sense to consider adding these principles to your own approach to improvement.

    Call for Outstanding Student Nominations

    Nominate your outstanding 4th-8th graders for summer 2016 Lone Star Leadership Academy camps! Participants travel to the Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin/San Antonio, or Houston/Galveston area to join delegations of other distinguished students from across Texas for a week of fun, learning, leadership development, and visits to significant Texas destinations. Each day participants explore notable Texas sites, learn about unique careers from professionals, and work in small groups to develop specific leadership skills. In addition to improving their leadership abilities, participants gain self-confidence and independence and develop new friendships with other high-achieving students from across the state.

    Nominees must:

    · Be in 4th-8th grade

    · Maintain an 85 or higher average

    · Demonstrate leadership ability

    · Be involved in school/community activities

    Nominate your outstanding 4th-8th graders online at:

    Nomination Deadline: Friday, February 5, 2016.

    There is no limit to the number of students you may nominate.

    Education in Action works one-on-one with students that request financial assistance.

    Still have questions? Please contact us!

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