April 4th - April 8th

Weekly Announcements

  • AzMERIT Kick-Off with 3-6 students in cafeteria. Students should not bring anything with them please.
  • AzMERIT Writing is on Tuesday for all grade levels.
  • AIMS Science for 4th grade on Thursday
  • BrightBytes Survey due by 15th...please have kids complete it before then

Student/ Staff Culture Goal

  • Congratulations to Ms. Traverso, Ms. Duke, Ms.Richards and Ms. Leon's Classes for earning their Golden Paw for our current goal of "I can walk on the right and walk quietly in the hallway"
  • When you award a class a Golden Paw please give it to us in the office or to the teacher. We will announce and fill your bar on the bar graphs.
  • Let's do our best to rally around our kids and prevent poor choices by celebrating them when they make great choices...award class and individual PAWS like crazy this quarter!!

AzMERIT Information

  • We have checked classrooms for assessment compliance. Please be ready by 4 p.m. today (Monday) and call Monica or Melanie to check your classroom.
  • We will be administering state assessments for the next two weeks. Please help us by keeping noise levels done in the hallways and keeping to schedules. Please be on time for students for recess, lunch, specials. These next two weeks especially- are very stressful for many of us and we can all support one another if we stay true to time commitments :) Thank you!
  • Primary classes have been asked to show support for students taking AzMERIT. Martha sent you an email on Friday. Please support our kids :)

Attendance Goals!!! Summit View's Goal is 95%!

Yearly Averages to Date

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We are trained! You've done the work! Remind our kids that they are ready!!!

Man on Fire #1 - First Race
Man on Fire 2 - So what do I do?
Man on Fire 3 - The gunshot holds no fear and training
Man on Fire 4 - Swim Meet
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April Birthdays!

Mary Montano - 2nd
Courtney Shadlock - 5th
Marla Alcoverde - 20th
Elizabeth Quinn - 24th
Maude Jackson - 25th
Denise Bravo - 26th
Julie Allen - 26th