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A Message from miSci

Dear miSci Community,

miSci is committed to supporting the hard work of educators and their students. We also understand that given current circumstances, the loss of momentum in a student's educational journey presents significant challenges.

In response to the current public health situation, miSci will begin increased efforts to provide free online educational videos and new digital content across its YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn channels. A video series entitled 'miSci on the Move' will formally launch on miSci's YouTube Channel on Friday, March 27. New videos will be uploaded every week.

While there are no cases of illness linked to the Museum, miSci’s physical spaces will remain closed through April 19 in the interest of health and safety. These online demonstrations and interactive discussions will enable teachers, parents, and families to engage with the Museum’s educational offerings and collections during this time of social distancing. We believe that creating this diverse catalog of content provides an opportunity to encourage cross-disciplinary dialogues that promote learning.

Content will cover a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, the following:

· Astronomy

· Climate Change

· Conductivity

· Cooking Technology

· Solar Energy

· The Science of Bubbles

We are encouraged and inspired by the resilience of our community. We believe that this is a moment that will be defined by collective action, which makes our community stronger.

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Ty Allan Jackson-Major Book Giveaway...Plus, Read Along With Ty!

Hello Friends,

In the midst of all this uncertainty and instability, it is more important than ever to provide children with fun and consistent reading support. So on Monday, March 30th, my team and I are starting a virtual book club where I will discuss my book The Supadupa Kid LIVE on Facebook and Instagram!! Anyone who wants to join the Supadupa Book Club can tune in to the live stream at 1 PM EST every weekday to hear me read snippets of a chapter and answer audience questions. Cool right?! The book is a classic good vs. evil superhero story ideal for ages 6-10. Even the most reluctant readers love this book because it is fun, relatable, and easy to read. We think this will be the perfect way to keep kids engaged in their education during their time at home.

Free Books!

We don't want anyone to be excluded from participating in the book club, so I'm very excited to announce that due to several generous contributions from members of my community, I am currently giving away 165 copies of The Supadupa Kid! These books are for children and families who need some extra love and support right now. If you know a child who would enjoy receiving a free book and becoming a Supadupa reader, send me a personal message on Instagram, Facebook, or email with the name and address of that child. And please send this message along to any parents of children in the 6-10 age range.

Become a Sponsor
This book giveaway has grown from 50 books to 165 because of sponsorships from some incredibly kind and generous individuals. It brings me so much joy to be able to put my book into the hands of children who might not otherwise get a chance to read it. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, or several children, you can go to this Paypal link and make a payment: Include "Supadupa Book Club" in the notes section so we can easily keep track of sponsorships. $10 will sponsor one child, and I will cover all shipping fees.

The Supadupa Book Club is our little way of creating community during a time when we are all physically apart. I really hope that we are able to ignite some excitement about reading among the children who participate, and bring joy into your homes.

Stay healthy and keep reading,

Ty Allan Jackson

Dave Ruch-Performer & Teaching Artist

Online Concerts Monday-Friday at Noon!

Tuesdays at Noon – NYS History Through Music live concerts on Facebook -

The next two weeks will be music of the Erie Canal. Not specifically geared for kids, but 4th graders would enjoy

Wednesdays at Noon – Songs for Kids live concerts on Facebook -

Fridays at Noon – Learn Guitar from Scratch live lessons on Facebook for all ages -

All events are hosted on my personal Facebook page ( and on my professional page (

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Jennifer Daniels-Folk Rock

Jennifer Daniels is doing an online concert full of interactive songs, stories, and organized movement on Saturday, March 29 at 11AM Eastern.

There is a short video up now of another similar concert here:

And Jenn performing a few of Eric Litwin's stories here:

James Preller, Author

Here are 6 Videos I Made for Teachers and Homeschoolers to Share with Young Readers