Ashton's Fable

Fable written by: Ashton Lang

"The Peacock and the Rabbit"

One day there was a mean, and greedy peacock, but this peacock was the prettiest animal in the jungle. The peacock was selfish and only cared about himself. He decided to have a contest to see which animal he was going to marry. Each contestant took the peacock to their home and served dinner. Whichever contestant made him happy the most, was to be his wife. The next day there were hundreds of lady animals waiting for him. He went to each of their houses. The peacock only went to the ladies houses’ because he was greedy and wanted their food. The rabbit was sick and tired of the peacock taking advantage of animals, so he thought he would teach the peacock a lesson. The rabbit dressed up as a beautiful lady rabbit, prepared a feast, cleaned his house, and got in the contest line. When it was the rabbit’s turn he brought the peacock to his house and served him the greatest feast anyone could ever imagine. The peacock went home stuffed, and with a smirk on his face.

The next day the peacock was to announce his wife, “I have picked Miss. Rabbit to be my wife.” The rabbit jumped up and down knowing that his plan was working. The rabbit went up on stage in front of all the sad lady animals and took off his disguise. The crowd and peacock gasped. The rabbit said, “ The peacock didn’t even notice that I was Mr. Rabbit and he probably didn’t notice any of you fine ladies either, he only cared about eating our food, and himself” the peacock tried to explain , but all the ladies left. The peacock lived lonely, sad, and hungry for the rest of his life.


Greediness gets you nothing in the end.


The end

About the author

The author, Ashton Lang, is in Ms. Lambrecht's first hour reading class at Aubry Bend Middle School. She loves to read and write. She is also involved with a lot of sports, but she likes to read fables in her free time.
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