Don't Stop GMOs!

GMO's Contain Health Benefits

  • GM foods will promise many health benefits
  • Some products help us lose weight
  • Some bear higher nutritional content
  • Safer to eat
  • For example, GM corn has lower fungal toxin content
  • Scientists are working to modify crops to add vitamins and minerals to avoid deaths caused by deficiency such as the vitamin-A defficiency which kills two million children each year

GM Technology Helps the Environment

  • GM crops can have an increased ability to resist pests, this leads to a lesser use of pesticides, this helps the environment
  • Farmers that raise crops that have herbicide resistance will use fewer chemicals in a season

GM Crops Contain Hope

  • GM crops hold the greatest hope for adequately feeding our rapidly expanding population
  • innovation is the only way to meet the world's increasing needs for food and medicines
  • GM crop farming promises more than regular farming's boosting of production
  • Resources will increase
  • There will be enough to feed generations to come
  • World hunger will decrease