The Life of Al Capone

By Ileana Lopez

Capone's Early Years

The notorious "Scar Face" A.K.A Alphonso Capone was born on January 17, 1899 in Brooklyn, . He was the son of Teresina and Gabriel Capone. Al was in 6th grade at the time when he had hit his teacher. After that, he was kicked out of school at age 14 never to return again.
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Capone's Crimes

One of his most famous crimes was the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Al had invited his enemy gang for dinner that day. Seven members of the rival gang were then gunned down in a garage. Another crime of his was actually tax evasion. He was charged with 22 counts of tax evasion and then was sent to prison 11 years.
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Prison For Capone

Al had a somewhat luxurious life living in his cell of Atlanta . On May 4, 1932, Al Capone had arrived at the Atlanta Federal State Prison for 2 years until finally being transferred to Alcatraz after being caught bribing the guards. That's when the special treatment stopped. He had arrived at Alcatraz in 1934. But after 6 and a half years he was released in 1939 to a mental hospital in Baltimore due to contracting syphilis at a young age.
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His Final Days

Al Capone's life was short considering he died at age 48. But everyone seemed to be relieved about the death of the most famous gangster in American History. For example, when Capone died, a New York Times headline trumpeted," End of an Evil Dream." When Al was sent to the Federal prison in Atlanta he was diagnosed with syphilis. As he got older he started to get weaker and deteriorate. On January 27, 1947 he finally died from a heart attack due to his condition of syphilis.
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