JCPRD Gardner Elementary

Out of School Time Program



Please do not forget to call (913-856-7925) or email ( if your student will not be here!

Please have your student here by 8:10 if you want them to go up to the gym with us in the morning!

Director's Note


Summer registration is still open at Moonlight and Grand Star Elementary! Go to and click on "Indoor" under Summer Camps to register!

Fall registration is open! Go to and click on the link "To Register for the 2015-16 OST Programs". Make sure you are downloading the Gardner forms.

We only have a few weeks left of school, make sure to read the whole newsletter in order to find out about upcoming dates and events!

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or feedback on things you like or could use some adjustments! I am always open to constructive criticism! My contact information is at the top and bottom of the screen!

End-of-the-Year Celebration

Mark your calendars (tentatively) for Friday, May 15th from 4:30-6:30pm for our family End-of-the-Year Celebration. Plans are still in the works but there will be dinner and fun for you and your kids.

Watch your email for specific information in the next week or so!

Please let me know if this date will work for your whole family (siblings welcome too!) so I can start planning!

Last Day of School (1/2 Day)

Thursday, May 21st, 11:30am-6pm

218 East Shawnee Street

Gardner, KS

The last day of the school year is a half day for 1st-4th grade. The students will get out a 11:30am. They need to bring a sack lunch if they are coming to JCPRD this day.

*****KINDERGARTEN WILL BE AT GRAND STAR ALL DAY THIS DAY! They do not have school at all!*****

Please RSVP so I can know numbers for our event that day! (Details to come!)

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

All Day Care at Grand Star Elementary

Friday, May 22nd, 7am-6pm

Grand Star Elementary School

We will offer all day care at Grand Star Elementary on Friday, May 22 from 7am-6pm. Students need a sack lunch. Included in your fees.

Please RSVP so that we can plan activities accordingly!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Pre-Camp Week

May 26-29 (we are closed on May 25 for Memorial Day) we are offering pre-camp at Sunflower Elementary. Sack lunches are needed everyday. You need to register for this in advanced and it is capped at 60 students. We will be at school everyday this week in order for directors to wrap up the school year and get ready for summer. See below flier for registration information.
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Summer Camp Parent Orientation Night

This is for ALL parents (even if you've been before) attending summer camp through JCPRD. It will be at the location of summer camp (so Madison, Grand Star, or Moonlight depending on which one you signed up for) on Thursday, May 28 from 6:00-7:00pm.

You will need to bring a bottle of sunblock lotion (not spray) that is 30 SPF or higher to go into a community bucket.

Also be prepared to sign your name a lot! Permission forms for all aspects of summer camp (field trips, lunch shuttle, pool shuttle, etc.) will need to be signed that night. Come ready to learn about summer camp.

A reminder email will come out in the next few weeks.


Please try to send your student to JCPRD with tennis shoes either on or in their backpack whenever possibly! We are getting more active as the school year ends!

Also as it gets hotter, feel free to send a water bottle to take outside on the playground or to the gym, sunglasses, or a hat with your student in order to keep them from getting burnt and dehydrated.

Home Run Behavior Update

Most of the students have been getting their marble everyday either by remembering on their own or having someone remind them.

We have gone away from the Home Run Behavior chart, sometimes it is too hard for Miss Maria or I to decide which category their behavior might be under. So instead, we are doing minutes to be served on Friday of every week. If a student gets three or more minutes in a day, they will not receive their marble for that day. So far, the students seem to be responding positively to this. They know when they have been caught breaking a rule and correct it quickly!

Maybe Fridays

In order to ensure that all the students feel like they have a say in what we do here at JCPRD, we are starting Maybe Fridays. Anytime during the week that a student comes up to one of the staff with an idea of an activity to do that goes along with our theme, we will write it on the giant Post It note pad on the board. Then when Friday rolls around we will vote and decide on the activities that are on the paper so that the students can lead activities and help us plan! The hope is that then the students are excited about the activities and the theme for the week!

Take Home Box

There is a clear box on the counter by the check-in/out that has a black lid on it with a red label on the front that says "Take Home Box". Inside this box are hanging file folders that are labeled (in alphabetical order) with everyone student's (before and after school) name.

Please remember to check this every so often to get your students artwork out!

At the end of every month, whatever is still in there will be thrown away.

I do not believe that I have any say on what gets saved or not and so everything that has your child's name on it that they make in this classroom will be put in the box!

Anything that is on top of the box has no name but are projects that are not just coloring pictures. Please look through those as well!

Commit to Health

We are very excited to report that we have taken the Commit to Health Pledge! In doing so you can expect to see our out of school time participants engaging in more physical activity, learning about good nutrition, and eating healthier snacks while in attendance at JCPRD. Commit to Health is an initiative of the National Recreation and Park and Association and The Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Our staff has worked hard to develop a new food service menu that features items that are nutrient dense, low in fat, sugar, and sodium, as well as more fresh fruits and vegetables. Please support our efforts to help students develop healthy eating habits by encouraging them to be open to trying new foods and by reinforcing the benefits of nutritious diet. Healthy snacks and meals improve cognitive function, increase energy, and help children grow strong muscles and bones!

Classroom Expectations

-Be Safe

-Ex: Walking in the halls

-Be Responsible

-Ex: Cleaning up after themselves

-Be Respectful

-Ex: Listening during directions

-Be Nice

-Ex: Sharing toys with friends

-Have fun

Following the first four will automatically allow the kids to follow the fifth!

Tentative Morning Schedule

-7:00: Free Time

-7:40: Clean Up and Snack

-8:10: Go to the Gym

Tentative Afternoon Schedule

We've changed out afternoon schedule to allow those students that get picked up early the chance to be a part of our activity for the day!

3:25: Arrive, check-in, wash hands for snack, start snack right away, free time after snack

4:00: Start activity for the day

5:00: Power Hour/Homework time

5:30: Free time

Times are tentative depending on what we have for snack, how long the activity for the day takes, etc.