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Earth Science Sites of the Week: February 7, 2021

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Courtesy of Mark Francek

Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies

Central Michigan University


United States Population Pyramid: The population pyramid of the United States of America in 2054 and any other country.


  1. Using Smartphones in the Classroom: “Tired of telling students to put away their phones? A veteran teacher shares tips for using mobile devices as learning tool.”
  2. Analysis: Teens are Sleeping Less. Why? Smartphones: “A new study found that teens who spent more time online and on social media were more likely to sleep less.”
  3. Effective Science Teachings: Addressing Covid-19 Challenges: A document shared with teachers in the state of New York examining the challenges the coronavirus pandemic brought to students, teachers, and other school faculty.


  1. How US Presidential Elections are Impacted by Geology-Correlation (not causation) of voting patterns to geomorphic and pedologic patterns.
  2. LANDSLIDE IN JAPAN-One minute video of a landslide on a highway in Japan.

Route 168 Landslide in Japan 国道168号線 地すべり


EARTH’S RINGS -“Who said the Earth has no rings Too bad they are not Natural!!! The orbit is getting crowded soon it will be difficult to park!!!”


FLOOD IN HONDURAS-Flood down a hill in Rio de Sonaguera, Honduras.
Huracan ETA desborde de rios en Sonaguera Colón,Honduras


  1. BIRDS TRAPPED IN THE EYE OF HURRICANE MATTHEW-It's an amazing sight: Seagulls and other birds trapped in the eye of the storm can be seen on radar.
  2. AUSTRALIAN LIGHTNING STORM FOOTAGE-Time lapse of a monsoon in north Australia.
Birds trapped in the eye of Hurricane Matthew
Australian Storm Footage. Monsoon 1