Research Writing Mentorship Group

Developing writing accountability

Susan Nakaoka, PhD, Assistant Professor, Seminar Facilitator

Aloha Doctoral Students,

I am writing to invite you to participate in a writing/research group. As a doctoral student, I participated in something called the "RAC" - Research Apprenticeship Course. It was for doctoral students working on research, writing, publications, or conference presentations.

The format is simple. Every session, one person presents some part of his/her work. It could be a conference presentation, a methodology section of the dissertation, a dissertation proposal, etc. The presentation is rather formal, so that it can be a rehearsal for the real thing.

Peers in the group provide feedback (both positive and constructive criticism) in order to assist the presenter in refining his/her work. The purpose is two-fold:

1) To refine and revise current work products so they are more polished for formal presentations/deadlines;

2) To hold each other accountable for writing and research deadlines. An added benefit is to get ideas on how to format presentations/powerpoint and literature (if your topic is close to the topic being presented).

As the faculty facilitator, I will convene the meetings, and provide guidance and structure. The success of the group is dependent on engaged peer support, so please come prepared to delve into your own work as well as others. In the group I attended, it was this peer support that became very powerful. It also helped that we always had some sort of food to make it more of a social and bonding experience.

My suggested first meeting is Friday, October 30 at 10:00am. Alternate days/times can be arranged depending on group preference. If we have three meetings before the end of the semester, that would be great! We can revisit the schedule for spring semester.

Please RSVP via the link below if you can make the October 30 session.

Mahalo, Susan

First Session

Friday, Oct. 30th, 10-11:30am

Gartley Hall 018, 2430 Campus Road, Honolulu, Hi 96822

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