Fred Hollows

Australian of the year 1990

Fred Hollows Early Life

Ferd Hollows was born on April the 9th 1921 in New Zealand.Originally Fred wanted to become a missionary but he decided to follow a career in medicine.After he had finished his studies and specialising in ophthalmologist he decided to move to Australia.

What inspired Fred Hollows

Fred Hollows was shocked to see that Aboriginal Australians were suffering form some of the worst eye diseases. So he decided to do something about it. " I studied medicine so I could help others" Fred once said.

interesting facts

Fred hollows has helped more than 60,000 indigenous people and has given away over 10,000 pairs of glasses. Fred's full name is Fred Cossom Hollows. He died on the 9 th of April 1921. One of his favourite hobbies was mountain climbing.