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LMS Staff Newsletter - WEEK 1 RECAP!

Take a deep breath. Week 1 is almost over!

Congratulations! We have just about survived our first week back. Thank you, as always, for your understanding of first week glitches. Overall it was a great start and I'm excited about the new year. I know there is some anxiety and there are still questions on new initiatives that I did not get to review in as much depth as I had planned. Please use this newsletter as an update and further information. There is a survey at the end of this Panther Post for you if you would like to ask a question or provide input for me. I will do my best to answer in a timely fashion.

Here we go....

  • Please review the Google Slide presentation on PLCs from our opening staff meeting on expectations for PLCs and Content Collaboration. In a nutshell - Content Collaboration will happen during LZ and Kevin and/or I will be setting up coverage if needed for these days. The dates are on the calendar I shared. This is for curriculum and and instruction, data discussions and assessment development. Prep/PLC is for 60 minutes per week and is for staff with similar prep times to come together and work collaboratively on a goal for improving their practice in the classroom. This is not TEAM. You do not have to work with everyone with common prep time. Its your choice who you pair up with. Think of this as your opportunity to work with colleagues on PD of your choice. Some teachers have already submitted their goals on Google Classroom such as Peer Coaching, working to utilize Google Classroom and cross-curricular teams designing activities based on achievement data. These are great ideas! TEAMs, as traditionally run, can meet during your common prep PLC time every other week for 30 minutes if you choose to. This is not mandated. However, if you wish and are available to discuss grade level issues, you may use 30 minutes of your Prep PLC once every other week. However, Kevin and I need to know when this is occuring. I also designed a Grade Level Concerns sheet that I shared on Google Drive yesterday. This is to help track grade level issues. Use this document to communicate with staff and administration. Staff Meeting/In-Service PLCs will be run during monthly staff meetings and In-Service. This is to provide you the opportunity to work with staff who do not have common prep time. I have already received some great ideas from your colleagues on this as well such as Character Ed lesson development, cross-content activities for specials teachers, full departmental data review, etc. You need to review the "assignments" I sent via Google Classroom for submission of these documents. Please do not panic - I am going to coach you along as we go! At this time - do not worry about any Google Classroom submissions. We will start this in the next few days/weeks.

Data Wall/Data Dig

  • This is mostly for ELA/Math teachers. I have not shared all of these documents thus far. I was hoping to avoid serious anxiety but I fell a bit short on this! I will share these very soon. I will visit Content Collaboration meetings to go deeper into this as a team with you. If you finish your SI Diagnostic before I get to a meeting, just stop and see me briefly and I will give you a quick overview.

Assessment Calendar

  • I will update the "LMS PLC, Assessment and Important Dates for Teachers" periodically to reflect changes in due dates. Be sure to check for updates as the month goes on and I will do my best to remind you. I will make an adjustment for ELA Reading Inventory ASAP.

Technology Reminders

  • Please remember there are Google Chromebook carts in each wing that can be signed-out by any teacher in that wing. We also have a stocked Media Center of 24 total computers. The 5th grade and 8th grade labs are also available for all staff use. Also remember to use the Google Calendar to sign-out the carts or the labs! Be mindful that all ELA and Math teachers as well as Special Education teachers have diagnostic tests that need to be completed in the next weeks. We are hoping to add to our Chromebooks with NCLB funds but at this time this is what we have available.
  • Study Island. Here is a tutorial link to get you started on Study Island if you have not used it in the past.

I hope this information helps alleviate some concerns. Remember - I'm here for you and will help in any way that I can. Have a fantastic 3-day weekend. You deserve it.

Staff Reflection and Questions

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