Bee's Coupon Class

Start the New Year off by saving 50% on your grocerys

Learn to save Now!

The average family spends $150 a week or more on food and groceries. That's $7800 a year or more. Bee will teach you what you need to do to cut that bill in half and more.

Shop at your favorite stores and buy the things you use everyday. Its not Where you shop and its not What you buy.

Day and evening classes are available with limited seating

This 3 hour class is all you need to start saving lots of money Now. It will teach you how to use your coupons and how to save over 50% or MORE on your grocery bill every time you shop.

Class fee is $25.00 per student.

Each student will receive a free starter gift.

Refreshments will be served ( coffee, tea or soda)

Classes are held in local restaurants and banquet halls, food is available at menu price

( not covered by class fee.)



Let Bee teach you.......

to get a buzz on savings