LV Technology

Eric Betts

Typing Web

1 Typing Web helps you get better at typing.

2 Keyboarding is good to practice when using a computer.

3 It helps me to become a better typer.


1 iTrailer lets you show others presentations of what you did.

2 I learned how to create a iTrailer and share it with others.

3 Helps by being a simple thing to use.

Career Locker

1 Shows you jobs and colleges and the details of them.

2 Focuses on helping you to know what jobs your interested in.

3 Tells about colleges and opportunities you have.

Haiku Deck

1 We made a presentation to tell others about our dream job.

2 Has many things you can put into your presentation like pictures and videos.

3 I think haiku Deck is a great to use when you need to make a presentation.

Explain Everything

1 Explain Everything is just like Haiku Deck because you can make presentations.

2 I think it's a good idea to use in math to show and help other kids if they need help with the kind of problem they are working on.

3 This system is used when you try to solve problems and show how you figured it out being recorded.

Hour Of Code

1 Helps you think straighter and helps you use more of your brain.

2 I think its just like a learning game.

3 Hour Of Code is a great brain game system to help you use your brain more.

Email Etiquette

1 Email Etiquette helped me learn how to do a better Email.

2 Was a easy little email and a simple thing to do.

3 The email helped me improve my email and the quality of it.