Andrew Jackson

Hero or Zero? Amelia Vega- Period 3

Spoils System

The spoils system is where the president rewards people who helped him get elected with a job. This system is unfair because it influences people to vote for you. Also that you don't have to be qualified to get the job. Most people hate it because not everyone gets a job.

Nullification Crisis

The happened when Jackson passed the tariff of 1828 and the tariff of 1832. South Carolina was very angry at this and tried to "nullify" it. South Carolina also threatened to withdraw from the U.S. if the federal government interferes. In turn, Congress passed the "Force Bill" so South Carolina agreed to pay the taxes if they were lowered.

Trail of Tears

This was when Jackson wanted all the Native Americans that lived in Georgia to move to Oklahoma. On the way hundreds died from sickness, hunger, and depression. Jackson violated the 5th Amendment when he did this to the Natives. It was broken because they weren't payed for their land.
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Political Cartoon

This political cartoon about Andrew Jackson makes Jackson seem like a dictator. He is dressed as a king and he is stepping on the U.S. constitution. He's also used his power to veto laws more then any other president. This cartoon thinks that Jackson has abused his presidential authority.

Dear Jackson,

Thanks for the job, the Spoils System rules! Also, the Nullification Crisis is genius. Now the U.S. will make a lot more money thanks to you. Finally, the Trail of Tears will open up more places for work so thanks!

-A Northerner

Dear Jackson,

I believe that your being a dictator and that you shouldn't have been elected. I believe this because you used the Spoils System to become elected and that's unfair. Also, you could have avoided the whole, ''Nullification Crisis" drama if you had just taken away the tariffs. Finally, you acted like a complete dictator when you forced us out of are home in Georgia to move to Oklahoma. You violated the 5th Amendment and many of my brethren died on the Trail of Tears.

-A Cherokee Native