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Capone's early years

Early years

Al Capone was born to Gabriel and Terisena Capone. His birthplace was Brookyln New York, on January seventeenth 1899. His education was cut short from his slapping a teacher at age 14 getting suspended starting his gang life.
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The Valentine's Day Massacre was a brutal as it gets. They lined some people they don't like up from a rival gang and a mechanic of the north side Irish gang. They made them have their backs to them so they didn't know what was coming. While they were lined up they shot the all dead. See how brutal he can be and the worst part is he sends other people to do his dirty work.

Crimes 2

Al Capone showed hospitality to two rival gang members. He served them dinner. Then for "dessert" he beat them to death with a baseball bat.
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At the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania he pimped his cell. He just simply asked for stuff, and he got it. That is why he got moved to Alcatraz. At Alcatraz he got nothing special. Only syphilis.

Final Days

Al Capone died of a cardiacal rest. It was caused by syphilis. Which also caused him to get pneumonia. And before he got pneumonia he had a heart attack.


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