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Cultural Geography

GEOGRAPHY and GLOBALIZATION Affect Everyone Everyday

GLOBALIZATION allows me to buy stuff.

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Coca-Cola, 1971 - 'Hilltop' | "I'd like to buy the world a Coke"

Geography and Globalization

GEOGRAPHY and GLOBALIZATION effect where how and why people live where they do. In other words... GEOGRAPHY and GLOBALIZATION effect everyone everyday.

GEOGRAPHY Impacts Everyone

Ancient civilizations decided where they where going to live based on the geographical features around them. The civilizations that survived are still living in the same places today.

GLOBALIZATION Impacts Everyone

Globalization is the rapid increase of communication and technology that helps to move resources around the world more efficiently.
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Problems with Globalization feat, PUMA

-Environmental:In July 2011, Puma –was the subject of a report by the environmental group Greenpeace entitled 'Dirty Laundry'. Youngor Group located on the Yangzte River Delta and another belonging to the Well Dyeing Factory Ltd., located on a tributary of the Pearl River Delta, revealed the presence of hazardous and persistent hormone disruptor chemicals

Technological: PUMA’s mobile sight has a few speed problems and isn’t as easy and user friendly as its rival, adidas.

-Cultural: PUMA is based out of the same country as its rival, ADIDAS, which means that they both have to pitch their ideas to the same culture. They could do much better if they were based out of a different country and could get more ideas. Plus, they are mainly European whichj could lead to a loss of other countries’ inputs

Economic: Puma has not yet made a full commitment to pay a living wage. Puma is currently undertaking research into finding a practical solution to the problem of low wages in Asia, and is working with suppliers in Indonesia, India, and Cambodia to assess the feasibility of a minimum living wage. In the meanwhile, Puma has admitted that it is still trying to achieving full compliance with the minimum wage at a number of its suppliers.

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Globalization, Geography, and Me

This is how globalization relates to me: Globalization affects my life just like everyone else's. I use products that weren’t even thought of when my great grandparents were alive. Without globalization we wouldn’t have phones, modern shoes, or modern clothes. The PUMA cleats I wear have gone from ideas and leather in Germany and petroleum in the middle east to Vietnam to be made and then to shipping facilities world wide to finally end up at the Sport’s Authority I bought it from. It went through all of these processes to finally end up on my feet.

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5 Future Predictions For The Human Race