Safety on the Internet!

Keep safe or risk being stalked.......

Do you know how to keep safe on the Internet???

If your best friend asked you for your phone number on Facebook would you:
  • A) Give it to them, they're your best friend
  • B) Tell them you'll give it to them at school just to be safe
  • C) Tell them no and just ignore them after.

Most people would of picked A because they're your best friend and you can trust them, but if you really care about your safety you would pick B because then you can trust it is actually them and not some dirty paedophile .

Someone asks to be your friend on Facebook and your not sure of you know them

  • A) Accept it. The more friends the better!
  • B) Ask them how they know you and if they say yes and give you proof accept it but if not then don't.
  • C) Decline it and log off Facebook.

Most people would have picked A because they don't care who they have on Facebook because in their head its a competition with their friends to see who can get the most likes, but if you really care about your safety you would pick B or C because they could be anyone just with a name you recognise and a picture of someone off internet.

You are setting up a new account for Facebook. Do you :

  • A) Put all your personal details on it like your real name, address, age, DOB, school town and country
  • B) Put a nickname, fake DOB and age but have your address school town and country on it.
  • C) Put a nickname, fake DOB and age, and no other details

Most people would pick B because they think 'oh it doesn't matter as long as i have a nickname and a fake age I'll be fine' but really they would not be 'fine', but if you really cared about your safety you would pick C because you would be completely safe as no stranger would be able to find you easily and you would still be able to enjoy Facebook as you could tell your friends your name so they could add you.

What To Do On The Internet!

DO Set your privacy settings to friends and family

DO Follow the rules of the site

DO Get a adult to help you when starting an new account

DO Use the Internet to help with schoolwork

DO Use the Internet to meet children in other countries or to keep in touch with pen pals who live far away in this country or other countries. But be careful about talking to "strangers" on a computer network.

What Not TO Do On The Internet!

DON'T put personal details on the site

DONT make a fake account yourself

DON'T post status on public privacy setting

DON'T Don't copy material that you find on the Internet and pretend that it's your own work. It's the same as copying a book or magazine article and pretending that you wrote it

DON'T give your password to anyone.

Are you being cyberbullied?

If you are being cyber bullied go to this website -

Tips to Remember

  • Don't share personal details on the net
  • Always ask a parent before meeting people you met of the internet
  • Keep Passwords Secret
  • Make a fake account with somebody you trust
  • Use the internet to help with school work