AP Language Portfolio

A Comprehensive Progression of Writing

Portfolio Overview

Because composition has been an enormous focus for this course, your last big assignment in AP English Language and Composition is a comprehensive electronic portfolio, which will showcase your growth as a writer over the last year. This completed portfolio assignment accounts for 15% of your final grade in this course.

Let's say it again- This portfolio counts for 15% of your final grade in this course!!!

Due Date: Friday, May 23 by 8:15 am.

No late portfolios will be accepted. No exceptions. No joke!

Assignment Details:

Each portfolio will showcase 7 types of writing.

Check Points Required!

FOUR Check points by Friday, May 9:

Students must submit 4 pieces for feedback at any time by Friday, May 9 at 8:15 am. These pieces may be submitted electronically through Google Drive or in a hard copy. (No files should be emailed to the instruct directly!) Each check point will be one quiz grade. Feedback will be given, and changes should be made by the final portfolio deadline-- Friday, May 23 at 8:15 am. NOTE: Failure to submit pieces for check points will result in a zero for each subsequent quiz grade.

More specific info will be coming your way soon!