iconic photo

By Alvin White

the hand of a emaciated, starving ugandan boy in the hand of a missionary

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background information

In April 1980, a white missionary in northeastern Uganda holds the emaciated tiny hand of a starving African boy. The 1980 famine in Uganda was caused by drought and conflicts. More than 30,000 people lost their lives during this event. This image also displays a sense of positive conflict as there are two hands of different size, color and weight uniting together, to become one. The more differences that there are within two people can never add up to how similar every single person is to one another. Symbolism in this image is so simple and so powerful. It shows that two completely different, contrasting and conflicting worlds or people have the power to ignore the world around them and join together to share with or support one another, even if it is just for a moment or to pose for a photograph.

the point of veiw

the point of view in this photo would be to the audience so that they would understand whats happening over there in Africa and would effect the way we see whats happening in Africa.

this photo is iconic because this was one of the most emotional picture that we have recived from africa