The Industrial Revolution

By Erik Brown


The industrial revolution was a time when machines took the place of humans and mindsets started changing, people worked in factories, and new inventions helped mankind, People left their homes in the country to live in the big cities for work. New ideas were thought of and people communicated more. Side affects were that poverty increased and hygiene decreased in cities such as London. A good example of the inventions is the spinning wheel shown here.


There were many inventions and inventors which helped the world. Some examples are shown below.

Child Labor

The industrial revolution had a dark side though. Children were forced to work in factories with the same if not worse conditions than adults! It was tiring, disgusting hard work and they got paid little, a good example is the famous picture Addie, who was a ''mill girl''

Assembly Line

The assembly line was a widely used conveyor belt that could make things much faster by making each worker do one thing only. For example, to make a car one man would attach the roof, another, the door and so on. Henry Ford could use this device to make a car which took experts a day... in one hour!