Mrs. Ring's Weekly Update

West Harrison Principal


It has been a great week at West Harrison! Kids are starting to dig into their classes and are probably getting homework already. I am Casey Ring, the new principal for your child. I will be sending out weekly emails, full of some information for you, updates and news from the week, and more.

With a full, five day week, building up endurance for the long school days has left many of us (myself included!) struggling to get out of bed in the morning. Believe it or not, teens need more sleep than our younger students; a recommended 9-9 1/2 hours each night! Please make sure your child is getting to bed, free from distractions (phones, TV, video games, etc.), and getting a good night's sleep. We need them on time and ready to learn! :)

School Starts At 8:00 am!

West Harrison is also instituting a stronger tardy policy, especially during our first hour. I'm including the new policy below for you to review:
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USB Devices at West Harrison

Another change we will be putting into board policy in September is a ban on USB devices. When I told the kids this on the first day, they all looked at each other, wondering what a USB even is. :) (For those of you wondering the same thing, they are the memory sticks that go into the side of a computer.) Because the school is 1-1 and everything is becoming more and more cloud-based, there really isn't a need for the devices on the grounds.

Schools in Iowa are reporting students using USB devices to cheat in various classes. Also, they bear a strong resemblance to many vaping devices. We are really working to eliminate illegal vaping on campus and a ban on USB devices will be a positive step in the right direction. If you or your student does need to use a USB for a specific reason, their teacher or you can notify me. As long as we are aware, then permission will be given; no problem.

If you notice below, many e-cigarette devices resemble USB drives AND are rechargeable through usb ports. Students at some schools will plug the charging piece of their e-cigarette into their school-issued device without the school officials being aware of what is happening. A ban on USB devices will eliminate this problem as well.

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