Jackie Robinson

How he Changed America


Have you ever wondered what baseball would be like without having different colored people? Well, this is Jackie Robinson's story about being the first black baseball player. He had a tough life since he had to stay calm when whites would throw stuff at him and call him names

birth and early life

Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia on January 31, 1919. when he was younger, his neighbors would call the police when they would play outside For no apparent reason! What he would always remember is when his brother won a silver medal in front of Adolf Hitler and the only job he could get is a garbage man. Robinson was totally into sports. he played basketball, tennis, baseball, and football.

Adult life

Jackie went to UCLA. While he was there his brother died in a motorcycle accident. Then he pushed harder than ever but later quit. World war 2 came around and Jackie joined the army. He was mad that he could not be an officer. Then he and his friend asked wasington D.C. if they could be officers. The next day they got a note that they can become second lieutenants. Jackie and seven others became the first black officers. One day when he was going back to his Texas base a white soldier told him to go to the back and he refused. when they got back to base he was put on trial and found innocent by the judge because bystanders helped him. he left the army after that. Once he left the army he joined the Kansas City Monarchs. Even though they where a traveling team they still could not sleep in a hotel. The dodgers Manager Branch Rickey sent a scout to see a team play in the negro league. It was that scout that saw Robinson. when Jackie went to go see Rickey he told him why pick me for the majors. It was because Robinson could stand up to taunts and bean balls. Jackie said yes and was sent to the dodgers farm team the Montreal royals. Jackie also got married to Rachel Isum.

Major acomplements

Some of Robinson’s major accomplishments where that he was the first black ballplayer and the first black rookie of the year. He was brave to be the first black ballplayer because fans would throw stuff at him, swear at him, and the pitchers would throw him bean balls. Also, it is great that he got rookie of the year because of all the hard times he had to go through. Jackie also got himself on a stamp, the first ballplayer to get that. He was so fast that the newspaper labelled him jackie rabbit jonson. Jackie changed the world with his heroism or if not some people might not be able to play ball without Robinson. He died on October 24, 1974. At his funeral thousands of people watched and said goodbye. Jackie had gotten himself a place in baseball history that will remain for millions of years.