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Lamar County Head Start 3 Year Old Classes 1/19/2021

Week 17 Tuesday

Morning Circle 8:30-8:45

Unite: We will begin week 3 of unit 5:Favorite tales and rhymes. This week will be learning about "folk-tales". Folk-Tales are tales or stories that have been around a long time.

Learn the Letters and Their Sounds | Alphabet Sounds | Jack Hartmann


Invite children to practice STAR breath or take several deep breaths with a partner.

Talk about how the wolf huffs and puffs as he blows the house down and invite children to huff and puff.


Teach children "three pink pigs" and remind them to always use gentle hands.

Have children stand and hold hands in groups of three. Tell children that the song we will sing this week is about pigs and is similar to the one we sang last week about mice.

"Three pink pigs! Three pink Pigs! " ( raise and lower hands)

"See how they play. See how they play." ( drop hands and clap)

"They stay away from the wolf who's bad." ( shake head "no" and point finger"

"He blew two houses away, so sad." ( rub eyes as if crying)

"There's still one house left and the pigs are glad. " ( hold up one finger )

"Three glad pigs, Three glad pigs!" ( hug each other one at a time)


Remind children about the ways we keep our classroom safe ( walking feet, listening ears, gentle hands, big voice, sharing and helping hands ). Remind them that it is the teachers/parents job to keep them safe and their job to help keep everyone safe. Tell children that one way they can keep the classroom safe is to follow the commitments on our poster. Point to each icon and ask people to remind everyone what it means. Continue this discussion all week. Encourage children to select one of the commitments they are willing to follow and celebrate their success.

Morning Message

Write the sentence saying each word as you write. Place your hand under each word in the sentence as you say it and have the children read it with you. Point out that words move from left to right on the page.

Say the sentence. Ask students to say the sentence with you. Encourage them to say it again, this time clapping their hands for each syllable. Check that children are clapping syllables and not words. Display the letter cards in this order Ii, Ff, Oo,Uu. Discuss similarities and differences in the uppcase and lowercase letters shapes(curves, lines angles).

Acknowledge the children whose names begin with the target letters. Ask these children to identify the letters in their names that they recognize.

Morning Message "I like the story about Goldilocks"

Complete the seesaw activity"HWT building letters set 1 "

Moving and Learning 8:45-9:00 - We will be talking all week about the good and bad manners we see in our stories. Sing this song and practice good manners at home too!

Please and Thank You Song | The Singing Walrus

Reading 9:00-9:45

Goldilocks and the Three Bears, ask your child if the think Goldilocks used good manners and what she could of done differently.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Give Us A Story!

Math 10:15-11:00

Practice one-to-one correspondence at home and with the video then complete the seesaw activity " Counting and match one to one"
Teaching the One-to-One Counting Principle


Brush Teeth

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs | Dinosaurs for Kids READ ALOUD!

Social Studies 1:00-1:45

We've been learning about manners in folktales. Lets watch a video that shows us a little more about folktales.
What is a Folktale?

Music 1:45-2:15

Dynamite| GoNoodle