Quest 1

Part 2: SAMR & 4Cs

Quest overview

Welcome to your first quest, second part matey. This quest is divided into two parts. During this quest, you will learn about the SAMR model and the 4 Cs which make up 21st-century learning skills. These are all big topics that will be the underpinning of this course. Come ready to discuss how these concepts and how they relate. This quest should take you no more than 2 hours to complete.

SAMR Model

  • Understanding SAMR model: Watch the video about SAMR model
  • Explore SAMR model: Matching activity in Class Flow and write up about the SAMR model.
4 Cs
  • Understanding the 4 Cs: Read your choice of 2 blog posts about the 4 C's and watch a short video about the 4 Cs.
  • Explore 4 Cs: Review a series of 4 blog posts and you choose how you show what you know about the 4Cs.

Guiding Questions

As you work through this QUEST

Think about these guiding questions
  • What is the SAMR model?
  • What are 21st-century learning skills?
  • What are the 4Cs?
  • Why do we need to know about these ideas as future educators?

Understanding SAMR

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Understanding SAMR

SAMR is not a checklist, a scale, or a rating activity. SAMR is more like a swimming pool of activities, not a ladder. Watch the video below about SAMR Model.
The SAMR Model Explained By Students

Explore SAMR model

  • Create a FREE teacher account for Class Flow.
  • Try your hand at this matching activity
  • Upload a screenshot of your score to My GCC under this assignment.
  • Upload a word document describing your thoughts behind why the activities fit into the categories you matched them with. This must be at least 4 sentences long.

The 4Cs

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Watch this video about the 4 Cs in the classroom

4 Cs Powerful Elements in Good Learning

Exploring the 4 C's

@margotripsa an instructional designer wrote this series of blog posts about the 4 Cs. Each blog post reviews one of the 4 Cs and identifies technology tools which can fit into that category. Your challenge is to (1) read each blog post about each of the 4Cs and (2) you choose how you want to show me what you know about the 4 Cs.

Assignment Choices- choose one off the list or get creative and do something else to show me what you know!

  • Write about the importance of each of the 4 Cs
  • Try out a new tech tool from the blog posts and write about it
  • Create a screencast of you working through a new tech tool explaining why it fits in the 4C identified
  • Create a video about the 4Cs and what they mean to you as an educator
  • Create a video or write about how the 4Cs relate to the ISTE Standards, Growth Mindset, or SAMR * SUPER CHALLENGE!*
  • Have another idea to show what you know about the 4Cs? DO IT and submit it!

Questions, Comments, Concerns, Compliments?

Please contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns regarding this Quest.