Bright Beginnings Migrant Preschool

from small beginnings come great things

The Smallest Things

"Sometimes the smallest thing that we can take for granted are exciting for kids like...cutting, making patterns, sorting by size and colors, learning alphabets, shapes, numbers, reading time."

-Gloria Covarrubias-


Goal 1:

To foster 3- and 4-year-old migrant children’s oral language and early literacy


Goal 2:

To promote at-home learning through instruction and strategies so parents can

support their child’s oral language and early literacy skills.

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Bright Beginnings models for the parent how to work on skills that will prepare students for Pre-K and Kindergarten. It uses a set curriculum that focuses on early literacy, early numeracy, gross motor skills, and social interactions. Parents can take home resources that will increase the school to home connection.

The Process

The Migrant Program Coordinator goes out into the community searching for candidates. She makes phone calls to existing migrant families as well as reaching out to new residents. Once a three or four year old is identified the program is then offered on campus, with the requirement that the parent attend to learn and participate with the lessons being modeled.


  • All About Me/Todo sobre mí
  • My Family/Mi familia
  • My Health/Mi salud
  • My Friends/Mis amigos
  • My Community/Mi comunidad
  • Animals/Animales
  • My Big World/Mi mundo grande
  • On the Move/En movimiento
  • My School/Mi escuela