2015-2016 Student Schedules

St. Joseph High School

Are you ready for the next school year?


I am currently testing out a couple "Master Schedules" to see what will work with the majority of the student schedules. This Master Schedule can change multiple times between now and school starting in August.

If you are wondering if the electives you picked out will actually work in your schedule with all of your other required classes, you can stop by and see me anytime between now and the end of school. Please note, I cannot tell you the order of your classes or if your friend will be in your class too, and what I have worked out is only a tentative schedule of what may work. I also cannot tell you who your teacher will be or the classroom assigned. I basically will be telling you, "Yes, I was able to get you into both Chemistry and Accounting" or "I was able to get you into Anatomy, but not Computer Programming because they are scheduled for the same class period."

If you have any changes that you are thinking about with your schedule, please stop by and see me before summer. It is MUCH EASIER to make changes now than it is when school starts. Plus, it will help me in trying to test out the Master Schedule.

Thank you!

Mrs. Breeding

Frequently Asked Questions . . .

When will we get our student schedules?

You will received your student schedules for the 2015-2016 school year when you attend orientation in August.

What if I want to change a class after I have received my schedule at orientation?

  1. During the first five days of the school year, elective courses may be changed IF there is room in the class the student desires to add.

  2. For an elective change to be considered, students must turn in a “Change of Course Request” signed by parents.

  3. Since all elective courses at SJHS are year-long courses, students will remain in the course for the full year. Dropping at semester is not an option for year-long courses.

  4. Schedule changes will not be made so that students can be in class with friends.

  5. Student or parent requests in regards to the order of a student’s classes, the time of day of a class, who a students does not want to be in class with, who the student would like to be in class with, etc., will not be accepted or honored.

  6. Students must always attend the classes on his/her schedule until receiving an official schedule from the SJHS Counselor’s office reflecting the new class(es).

What if I am out of town during orientation?

Please contact the high school office if you are out of town during the August orientation to see when you can get your schedule.

FYI: I will be in teacher/faculty orientation meetings all day, every day, the week prior to your student orientation, so it will be hard to catch me then if you have questions. You are welcome to leave a phone message or email me, and I will get back in touch with you a.s.a.p.