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Lakeview Family Newsletter - December 7

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Report Cards

On Friday, first trimester report cards were sent home with your child(ren). Please take some time to read through the report card with your child and have a real discussion with him/her about it. Every report card lists areas of strength and opportunities for growth. In schools where the parents and the teachers share the same goals, there is increased academic growth. We want the information in the report card to spark new thinking in our students, such as "Here's what I need to keep doing" and "Here's something I try". Even better: Hang the report card somewhere where you can continue to have conversations about it throughout 2nd trimester (which ends in March) and you can keep asking your student(s) how they are doing on their goals. Thank you!

Upcoming Events

Thursday, December 13 - Admiral's shirt day! Please wear your free, blue Admiral's shirt to celebrate another player coming on this day to read to a grade level.

Thursday, December 13 - PTO Meeting in the library from 5:30-6:30 p.m. This is an earlier time than usual for our December meeting!

December 14-21 - Smart Smiles examinations for those who have returned the signed permission forms.

Friday, December 21 - Holiday sing-along assembly for our students

December 22 through January 2 - Winter Break

Thursday, January 3 - School resumes

Vape Devices

This seems like a strange topic for an elementary newsletter, but I think it's important information for families. Vape devices, and particularly the Juul devices, have become quite popular. We have not had any problems with this at Lakeview. The devices can be incredibly small and difficult to recognize as a parent, and students can hide them in all sorts of places. The smallest devices look like a small USB thumb drive. This article gives more information. Sometimes, younger kids will find an older sibling's or an adult's discarded vape device without the cartridge and bring it to school in a backpack, either as a toy or as some kind of status symbol. I would encourage you to learn about vape devices and make sure that, if you have any around your house, you know their whereabouts since the possession of any device like this by children is not allowed in schools.