Randy Moss

By Alene Bourgeois Molzahn

What this book is about is a receiver named Randy Moss,and what he has been through,college and home.He grew up at a pretty tough neighbor hood,his father left his family at a young age leaving him,his mother,and his older brother.
Randy Moss was very athletic and played all sports in high school but his best sport was football.He impressed everyone with how high he can jump to catch a ball and his acceleration to catch up to one.Eventully like every legendary player he got drafted to a college football team.
His first college degree was originally supposed to be Notre Dame but that summer he made a bad decision and ended up fighting to help his friend and was charged with battery.After that Notre Dame decided not to give a scholarship to Randy.
But hope was not lost,Florida St decided to give Randy a scholarship,but;had to be benched his first year.Another change happened and returned to Rand,while he was there he attended classes at College of West Virginia and played ball there.Unfortunely he made another mistake,while he was there he went to a party and smoked marijuana then ended up in jail for a few days.
That summer he got lucky,he wrote a letter to the coach if he could play and the coach said yes,but;under 1 circumstance,he can't get in trouble.

What I learned

There was a lot of things I already knew about Moss ,like coming from a broken home,getting in trouble a lot,and smoking drugs.But I did not know he transferred into 2 different university'.And also many teams didn't pick him in the draft,specially because he was the best receiver in college(that really surprised me).

Personal reactions

One of my Personal reaction was surprising because i found out no one picked till the 27th round instead of the 1st or at least the first 10.Also didn't know he spent a few nights in jail during the summer in college.
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If you wouldn't want to read this book I think you should,who wouldn't want to know about a Super Bowl, back to back Pro Bowl champion MVP?A guy who started from absolutely nothing ,to a legend.
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