Final Project for Religion III

Amanda Johnson - 6th Hour

Who are you?

I am a 16 year old female that is a junior at St. Michael the Archangel High School, whose name is Amanda Johnson. I am a very active Catholic in my community. I am a child of Christ who tries to pray every day. I am very good with pets and children so hit me up for pet/babysitting!!! I enjoy hanging out with my friends, reading, watching Netflix, and anything about Harry Potter.
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Who do you want to become?

I want to become stronger in my Catholic life. I want to become a veterinarian and take care of all kinds of animals. I want to be able to travel to many different places throughout the world. I want to have lots of kids and pets and pursue a life of Christ. I want to become a person who is respected by many.

What are your dreams and passions in life?

My dreams and passions in life are to excel at school with good grades and to have a job that I enjoy. I want to be able to live like Christ throughout my life and to have a great family. I want to become a veterinarian and be able to tend to all kinds of animals every day.

What kind of person do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

In 5 years I see myself being successful in vet school at Louisiana State University (LSU). I see myself living away from my parents and having an internship or job with my aunt at her clinic. In 10 years I see myself having completed vet school and getting a good paying job at a clinic, possibly in Florida. I see myself traveling the world with my husband and eventually settling down with many children and pets.

Where is Christ in your life?

Christ is in many of the things I do in my life. God is with me all the time whether at Mass, school, or at home. Christ has always played an important part in my life. I turn to God when I need guidance or help with things and He is even there when I want to talk.

where will Christ fall in your future vocations?

Christ will fall in my future vocations because He will always be a part of my life. God is always going to be an important part of my life that I will always focus on. I will in the future turn to Him when I need guidance on what I should do with my life and when I just need someone to talk to.

What do you believe is your vocation?

I believe that my vocation is to be married. I have always dreamed of having at least three children and lots of pets. I want to be married to a man who will love me as all people wish to be loved. I believe that eventually I will meet the right person and we will be able to settle down with children and possibly travel the world.