French Culture Poster 6

Castles in France

Most castles in France fall into two categories. Chateaux forts, such as Loches, were built for protection in the Middle Ages. They are massive buildings with thick walls, often surrounded by a moat and built in a strategic location. Chateaux de la Renaissance, such as Chenonceau or Azayle-Rideau, date from the sixteenth century when more thought was given to comfort then defense. Chateaux de la Renaissance feature large windows, ornate sculptures or stonework, and often highly decorated interiors.


The intercity bus (le car) and the train (le train) are two excellent ways to see France. Trains run frequently between larger tons and cities. They are known for running on time. Nearly all train line are electrified and computerized. The train a grande vitesse (TGV), a high-speed train that covers long distances with only a few stops, is the most popular. At the gare routiere, usually located at the train station, you can take the bus to the smaller towns in the region you are visiting. Some of the bus stations also offer tours, like the ones you see here in the brochure.