For Sale- The all new HoHo 2015

Price: Starting at $100,000, negotiation available.

The HoHo is the perfect car for you!

Raven Cars: "Customers are our top priority!"
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Perfect car for age range 50-100

This is good for these ages because you can chose if you want it to go fast or not, and if you have shaky hands, the stability and traction control will make your ride flawless.

The legend's wish list

Unproven sources have told us that Bruce Lee has only one item on his wish list: the HoHo 2015. Everybody wants it!
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Suits Your Needs

~State-of-the-art all new elf 3000 power engine, so you can get to your next destination fast!

~Comes in any color you want, and for that price, we wouldn't mind painting a reindeer or a christmas tree, customers are our top priority!

~With all those cookies and milk, your stomach sure can get grumbly, so just sink back into our custom made padded leather seats!

~If you get caught by a kid, they will be too frozen in awe when they see your "reindeer", so they won't even think about telling anybody!

~It could get chilly out there, so we incorporate seat warmers so you can say toasty!