Assistive Technology Scavenger Hunt

Must do:

Task 1: Edutopia video on moodle- discuss ways in which lives are improved

As a team, answer the following questions using the above websites.

1. What is the definition for assistive technology per IDEA?

2. Can a child be denied assistive technology deemed necessary by the Child Study Team if the school district cannot afford it? Why? Why not?

3. What is considered a reasonable accommodation under ADA?

***one set of answers per group

Task 3 continued

With your group devise a 10 minute presentation. It can take any form (powerpoint, poster, handouts).

Must include:

-definition(s) of your form of assistive/adaptive technology

-examples of technology

-video or concrete example of ONE specific type


One focus question for the rest of the class which will be answered in your presentation.